Osteoporosis - The Growing Epidemic Among Older Women

Osteoporosis, by definition, is a skeletal disorder affecting the bone strength and predisposing it to increased risk of fracture. When the bone tissue degenerates, the person becomes more fragile and susceptible to fractures.

The skeleton is an important part of our system. It is the framework that holds our body upright. The two main components of our bone are collagen protein and calcium phosphate. These two things work hand in hand so that the bone remains hard and strong. Before the age of 30, there is a balance of degeneration and repair. As we get older, we lose the ability to repair. Sadly, the victims of osteoporosis are women.

The female victims are mostly those who have gone through the menopausal stage. At present, millions of women are suffering from this malady. The figures are rising yearly, and more women have to be vigilant about taking care of their health, particularly their bones.

There are several known triggers for this ailment. The number one on the list, of course, is the effects of menopause combined with age. Women going through this difficult period experience hormonal imbalance, which in turn, is felt by the bones. Another trigger is genetics. Women who have a family history of osteoporosis are more likely to suffer from it in their old age.

Of course, once osteoporosis sets in, this can’t be easily cured. There are ways to avoid it, and the way to do this is to be conscious of your bones’ health while you are still young. You can significantly lessen your chances of acquiring this debilitating disease when you do the following:

1. Avoid smoking and drinking.
2. Eat healthy.
3. Drink milk regularly.
4. Regular calcium intake.
5. Exercise.
6. Regular checkup.
7. Avoid junk food when you can.

When you begin experiencing neck pain and lower back ache, have yourself checked by the doctor. Osteoporosis, when left untreated, can deform the curve of your spine.

The things you once were able to do will no longer be possible because you can now easily break your bones. As it is always said, prevention is much better than cure.

Undertaking certain precautions even before the signs reveal themselves can be your best bet. Thus, a good amount of calcium products should be consumed while you are still young. If you are a parent, teach your children to enjoy milk.

It not only gives them the nutrients they need, it also readies their bones when they grow older. There is an abundance of calcium products out there in the market.

Among which are yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, green and leafy vegetables, fish like salmon and sardines, dry fruits like almonds, juices and squash. As a woman, you should be conscious of your health. You are more prone to several diseases simply because it is a part of your DNA.

Train your bones to take in stress through exercise. The stronger you are, the harder it becomes for certain ailments and diseases to attack your system.

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