Office Work Outs For Busy People

A typical daily routine of an employee is to wake up in the morning, prepare one’s self for the day, go to work for eight to ten hours, go back home and sleep. This is repeated five times a day for a year for the rest of his working life. In this scenario, it can be clearly seen that the life of an average employee is very sedentary – always on the desk and without exercise.

Most employees admit it and they argue that they didn’t have the time to go to the gym or any facilities to exercise and workout. For that reason, their sedentary lifestyle always resulted to back pain, wrist pain, stiff neck, overweight and other health conditions.

However, what these employees didn’t know is that there are simple exercises that can be done in the office, while working. Indeed it is true; thus, continue reading to find out what are these exercises that can be done inside the office without having to write a written reprimand to your superiors.

The simplest thing to do is stretching. You can do this while you are sitting on your desk or if time permits, while you are standing. Also, you can go to the powder room to do some stretching. Stretching will relieve the stress and can uplift your mood to feel better.

Do some lifting. You don’t have to bring a dumbbell to do this activity. All you have to do is fill up you water bottle and its good to go. Do at least 10 counts in 3 repetitions on both arm and you can feel the strength of this training.

Do some cardio training. In doing this exercise, you don’t have to bring your treadmill inside the office or you stationary bike. Instead, you can do this by simply doing some frequent walks. Use your break time to do this task.

Go out of the building and walk for few minutes. Or, you can even use the stairs in accomplishing this task.

If you are on a multi-floor office, try to use the comfort room on the other floor instead of those that within your floor. You can also climb the stairs in the morning as you go to work and climb down upon leaving.

Do some legs training. While you are sitting, you can do some leg curling. Do this for 10 times on both legs. In addition you can also do some leg stretching. Nobody will see you while you do such activities. Thus, you don’t have to be afraid. Just watch out for the wires under your table to be safe.

Do some breathing exercises. Yes, you can do it while you are inside your office or even in the cafeteria. All you have to do is slowly take a deep breath to inhale and then release the air slowly to exhale. You might want to close your eyes to clear your mind and increase your focus.

After learning the above mentioned exercise routines while in the office, you don’t have any more excuses for not staying fit. Just perform those simple exercises and you will notice a great improvement in your health. Just remember, all you need is the determination to start and you will find those techniques to be enjoying.

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