Nutrition for Peak Performance Sports Athletes

Exercise is an important factor in acquiring and eventually maintaining a healthy body. Exercise in general, and sports fitness in particular, tones and strengthens the muscles and bones and keeps your heart healthy.

In addition, sports fitness can make you look and feel great about yourself inside and outside. In fact, it does not only give you that to-die-for body, but is a great way to release stress. Studies show that those engaged in intense training or activities are required to take in more protein than the recommended daily amount in order to maintain protein balance. Insufficient amount of protein could lead to a negative nitrogen balance. This in turn can increase the protein metabolism and promote slow recovery.

In the long run, insufficient protein in the body could lead to training intolerance and lean muscle wasting. Aside from increasing the servings of protein-rich food, one can also drink protein shakes, bars and other protein-concentrated food.

Another important nutritional requirement would be carbohydrates. Just like that of protein, the amount of carbohydrates required would depend on the intensity of training. Carbohydrates are important in maintaining liver and muscle glycogen stores.

For figure-conscious people, “fat” is the devil. But contrary to popular belief, not all kinds of fats are bad for the health. In fact, some types of fatty acids are even essential for the body’s proper functions.

Vitamins and minerals, on the other hand are important for improved performance and to prevent oxidation damages

And most of all, one should not forget to take in lots of water; said to be an athlete’s most important ergogenic aid. During workouts, you perspire a lot. This process not only maintains the body’s equilibrium, but is also the body’s normal process of eliminating toxins from the body.

And studies show that exercise performance can be substantially damaged if 2 per cent or more of body weight is lost through perspiration. This could also lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death. In order to replenish the lost fluids from the body, you must always drink lots of water during workouts even when not feeling thirsty.

Your body needs more than 40 different nutrients in order to be healthy and not one single food item can supply all the nutrients. Thus, your diet should include food from each of the food groups - the go, grow and glow food groups. Make sure that your daily meals include the following; fruits; vegetables; bread and whole-grain products such as cereals; dairy products and protein-rich food sources such as meat, fish and poultry.

Make sure to eat 6 servings of bread, rice, cereals or pasta. The ideal amount of fruits would be 2-4 servings daily while vegetable intake should be equivalent to 3-5 servings every day. The recommended serving for cooked meat, on the other hand, is 3 ounces daily.

Protein Bars: Are they Healthy?

How can protein bars be beneficial? Protein bars are beneficial in such a way that they allow busy people, who are not able to complete their meals, to get protein nutrition in a day. They are very convenient and tasty for some, though not all people find them yummy.

They facilitate total nutrition while giving key nutrients to the body. Key nutrients are needed to further improve health and physical performance. Protein bars also support many chemical processes in the body as they contain a blend of vitamins and minerals.

What are protein shakes?
Protein powder is a dietary supplement. If taken everyday, it can boost your energy levels and at the same time help burn fat. It supplies adequate amounts of protein in the body. If you lack some protein in your body or if you are a bodybuilder wanting to get in shape fast, you can try it. In simplest definition, it is a protein supplement in powder form.

Nutritionists say that a healthy intake of protein everyday, especially early in the morning, can help make blood sugar levels stable all throughout the day. It has also been investigated that daily consumption of protein powder can boost one’s immune system as it assists in wound restoration, improves recovery, promotes lean muscle development as it fosters muscle strength.

Furthermore, it was also proven to promote a healthy skin and enhance fat loss.

Protein shakes are easy to prepare. All you have to do is put a scoop of protein powder in a cup, pour in water, milk, or fruit juice, then mix it with a spoon for about 20 seconds, and presto! You can enjoy a nice protein shake!

Sometimes, using protein powders is far more convenient than eating regular foods. Normally, you can take it 1 to 2 times a day. They are just supplements and not medicines. However, the best time of the day you can have a shake is early in the morning. It is a fast digesting protein, thus having it after eight hours of sleep would be a good idea.

Another time when you can have your shake is immediately after workouts. This would be best time to have a shake, since your worn muscles need to repair and rebuild.

Eating Strategies for a Better Weight Gain

Some would say it is very hard to gain weight. What would be the proper ways for gaining weight fast? For one to gain one pound of weight, it would cost him to gain 3500 calories. Thus, taking extra 500 pounds every day would result in at least a pound of weight gain a week.

What are the best things to do in getting those extra calories? First, you need to eat regularly on a very frequent manner. Consume about three large meals and two to three heavy snacks in a day. Eating larger and heavier meals would result positively.

Second, eat high calorie foods. Dried fruits, whole grain breads and cereals as well as starchy vegetables are good choices. Third, don’t eat foods as is. Add extras. Add those healthy unsaturated fats, carbs and protein in your everyday meal.

Drinking shakes high in calories is very effective, instead of drinking diet sodas, tea, and coffee. And lastly, have time to exercise! Preferably two to three times a week will do.

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