Natural Remedies for Headaches

Headaches affect nearly everyone at some time or other. Rather than reaching for drugs that can have bad side effects it is better to look for a natural remedy for headache instead.

But first it is a good idea to determine the cause of your headache. There are many different causes from stress through to sinus infection, so what will help one type of headache may not necessarily help another type.

Migraines are the worst kind of headache and sufferers are often affected for several days at a time when a migraine strikes.

They may have other symptoms such as seeing flashing lights, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to smells or sounds.

Doctors don’t know much about migraines except that they are often triggered by one specific thing such as stress or lack of sleep or even the menstrual cycle.

Cluster headaches also cause intense pain but often come in clusters of several weeks before going into remission. They can also cause high blood pressure as other intense pain often can.

Tension headaches are non threatening and much milder in nature than the two previously mentioned types. They can be caused by stress and worry or by tension in the muscles of the head and neck.

Inflammatory headaches can be caused by sinus infections and respiratory illnesses such as colds and flu. Sudden searing headaches can be brought on by a brain tumor, stroke or aneurysms.

Always see a doctor for these types of headaches. And of course headaches can be caused by a blow to the dead or a fall.

There are many natural remedies for headache that can give the sufferer certain relief. If your headache is not of the worst kind you can try some home remedies and may find better relief than if you took prescription pills. Here are some remedies.

* Learning relaxation and breathing techniques can often help to prevent headaches.

* A drink of warm water and honey will often provide relief, due to the potassium and magnesium in the honey.

* A gentle massage of the face, neck and head will relax the tense muscles and often provide relief.

* If you suffer from migraine it is wise to keep a journal noting what you ate just before a migraine attack and in this way you can identify and avoid triggers.

* Wearing sunglasses will often prevent a headache that is caused by glare.

* Having regular meals and plenty of sleep can help you avoid headaches.

* Keeping noise levels down can also prevent headaches.

* To relieve a sinus headache the best thing is to clear your head of the stuffiness. This can often be accomplished by breathing in steam and rubbing your chest and throat with a liniment like Vicks.

* Garlic, horseradish and Echinacea can also help to clear the head and dry up sinus secretions, thus easing the headache they cause.

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