Natural Remedies For Earaches

by L. L. Smith

Normally an earache is caused by an infection of the middle ear as a result of a cold or the flu. The pain can be out of proportion to the seriousness of the problem.

When you have an earache and you determine that medical care is not required, you can consider trying the following remedies. Note: don't try them at all if there is broken skin near the ear.

Fill the ear with 3 warm drops of olive oil. Plug the ear loosely with a cotton ball.

Follow this three or four times a day until the earache is gone.

Take the juice from grated fresh ginger, mix with an equal amount of sesame oil.

Drop in 3 drops, loosely plug the ear with cotton ball. Warning - this may sting a bit, but try to keep it there for a few hours.

One remedy that does not involve putting something in your ear is a reflexology practice. You will need an object that is sterile and hard to bite down on. The cotton cylinders that the dentist uses would be great, but you can also use a wadded up piece of cheesecloth.

Place the item of your choice in the back of the last tooth on the side of the aching ear, biting down on it for five minutes. This practice stimulates the pressure point that goes directly into the ear.

Repeat this procedure every two hours until the earache is gone. Not only does the pain go away, but this has been known to improve hearing as well.

Chamomile has a soothing effect on the ear. Take a couple of tea bags and make a poultice to put against the ear.

Or you can cut a large onion in half, taking out the inside so that the remaining part will fit over your ear. Warm this in the oven, then place over the ear and it should help draw out the pain.

Other remedies to put in the ear: 4 drops of onion juice mixed with one teaspoon of warm extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil. Put 3 drops in each ear in the morning and evening.

Plug the ears with cotton balls. Take one garlic oil soft pearl, puncture, and let the contents ooze into the ear. Plug with cotton balls. The earache may ease considerably within a half hour.

Mix 1/2 cup of kosher (course) salt and 1/2 cup of unprocessed bran and envelop it into a good sized piece of folded-over cheesecloth. Heat in a low oven until it is warm, but bearable to the touch.

Apply it to the aching ear for about an hour. On a piece of cotton, apply some castor oil, sprinkle with black pepper and place on the aching ear, not in the ear canal.

Most of the remedies have involved heat, but Las Vegas-based herbalist Angela Harris feels that the infection-causing bacteria thrive on warmth, so she suggests putting cold on the ear.

Apply an ice pack to the infected ear, and at the same time, put your feet in hot water, while slowly drinking a mild laxative herb tea. Do this for about 15 minutes.

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