Natural Remedies for Arthritis

There are manyu ways you can approach an arthritis problem. You can just accept it and suffer with the symptoms, you can seek medical support or you can take responsability into your own hands and search out answers that work for you.

Many people choose natural remedies for arthritis, these days. It is a problem that affects a very large percentage of the population. Joint pain and stiffness as we get older is often seen as a normal part of the aging process, simply because it is so common. Yet really, it is not a normal part of aging, otherwise everyone would have it.

The pain of arthritis is generally caused by inflammation. The inflammation is caused by damage to the synovial membrane or tissues that line the joints. This damage can be caused by injury or by having an acidic diet over many years. Other arthritic pain can be found in the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Pain is often accompanied by stiffness.

One trouble with arthritis is that there are many different types and not all respond to the same kind of treatment. There are osteoarthritis, which is the most common form, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and lupus, to name just a few. If you take prescription drugs or painkillers bought over the counter you can suffer bad side-effects from them. Indigestion and ulcers are just two of them. But many natural remedies for arthritis give good relief without any side-effects.

For instance, half to one teaspoon of cinnamon with honey taken every day will decrease the inflammation as it is an anti-inflammatory spice. Turmeric also has similar properties. Both are quite cheap and pleasant to take when mixed with food. Cinnamon and honey can be added to cereal or toast while turmeric goes well in many savory dishes.

Keeping those stiff joints warm and exercising them gently are two home remedies that everyone can and should do for arthritis. Many people find that eliminating white sugar and flour and sweet drinks from their diets has helped considerably. Here are some more natural remedies for arthritis.

* Drink alfalfa tea twice a day.

* Fruit pectin with cranberry juice.

* Blackstrap molasses with cranberry juice.

* One tablespoon of cod liver oil mixed with the juice of an orange and taken before retiring.

* Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with the same amount of honey. Take once or twice a day. It can be mixed with a small glass of warm water.

For rubbing on those painful joints there are many natural liniment recipes that are easy to make and apply.

* Rub with hot vinegar before going to bed.

* Two parts of olive oil to one part of kerosene makes a good liniment.

* For a poultice use two tablespoons of mullein, one of lobelia, three of granulated slippery elm bark and one teaspoon of cayenne. Make a paste of those ingredients with boiling water, spread it on a cloth and apply.

* For a rub use oil of lobelia, oil of origanum, and oil of capsicum, mixed with coconut oil

In addition to these things you would be wise to look at broad nutrition from a well balanced diet and also from nutrition supplements.

If you feel that you are not absorbing nutrition from the food you are eating then check out our articles on cellular nutrition and investigate potential solutions.

It is also worth looking closely at how carefully chosen exercise can assit you with dealing with your arthritis.

These are just a few natural remedies for arthritis. You are sure to find many more to try if you do some small research on the internet.

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