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If the only time you hone in on your body is when you tweeze your eyebrows or put on makeup, then chances are you are missing out on the most crucial information about your health. One of the many amazing things about your body is that it comes with built-in sensors for when something is not working right. Doctors actually believe that you can spot early warning signs of some extremely serious conditions simply by taking a few minutes to bond with your body. After all, if you want to stay healthy for as long as you can, you need to know how to communicate with it. Go ahead, and take a closer look.

Start with your hands. Are there dark lines on your nail beds? This could mean quite a number of things, actually, but the biggest one is the big C itself. Just know that big moles aren’t the only red flags for skin cancer. The disease can actually start from under your nails. Yellow, brown, or black stripes are signs of cell damage, possibly from melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. With early detection and treatment, majority of the cases diagnosed can be cured. You need to see your dermatologist so that he may take a closer look. If, however, you see bright white stripes, don’t fret too much if this does not happen often. Everyone gets this time and again. However, if you see long horizontal bands of discoloration on the nail’s surface and you’ve been feeling lethargic or fatigued lately, it could be something with your kidneys. These bands signal that your kidneys are no longer able to filter out protein from your urine. This means that you’re losing protein faster than the normal rate. As much as you pig out on steak, this is sometimes not enough to supply you with the ideal amount your body needs. Visit your doctor as soon as possible for a urine test.

Now, take a look at your armpits. If you see a patch of rough dark skin, this could actually be a sign of diabetes. Unless you’ve gone trigger happy with a self tanner, you need to go to the doctor immediately to check your blood glucose levels. Excess insulin in your bloodstream can cause your skin cells to multiply at abnormally fast levels. This leads to tissue and melanin buildup. Your skin will often look darker and thicker in mostly the armpits, neck, and groin area. A simple blood test is what you need. Should you see abnormal sugar levels, at least you’ve caught the condition before it can actually do further damage to your body.

Remember, when it comes to your health, you need to be vigilant about it all the time. While you shouldn’t get into panic mode immediately for just about anything that you’ll find, it helps to observe your body. Get to know it extremely well so that in case any little change happens, you’ll always be the first one to notice it.

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