Menopause Supplements

Menopause is the most trying and difficult period in a woman's
life. It usually occurs to a woman, who is in her late 40s.
During menopause, the quantity of female hormones produced
reduces significantly. This results in many physical and mental
changes in a woman's body like loss of calcium, hot flushes, dry
skin, itchiness, and osteoporosis. However, women today are more
aware of this phase of their life and willing to face it. They
are ready to take menopause supplements that will help fight
menopause. Menopause supplements help reduce many of the
menopause symptoms and reduce the physical discomfort faced by
several women.

Menopause supplements come in both natural forms and as medical
supplements. It is always better to take a natural menopause
supplement in the form of green vegetables. Natural ingredients
also do not have any side effects compared to medicines. The
advantage of natural estrogen is that it is not carcinogenic
unlike medical supplements that can cause cancer.

Several plants like soy contain estrogen in the natural form.
Soy contains isoflavones that can mimic estrogen and give good
relief from hot flushes. One must take soy either raw or cooked
to benefit from the isoflavones. The best source of isoflavones
is pomegranates. Red clover, dong quai and licorice are other
sources of plant estrogens that form natural menopause

One can consume these natural menopause supplements as whole
fruits or vegetables or as pills available at pharmacists. One
can eat soy flour or eat bread made from soy flour. Such
products are now readily available in the market. Women can
consume these products before the onset of menopause to get
relief from hot flushes.

A woman can take menopause supplements in the form of hormone
therapy. This therapy varies for every woman depending on her
medical and family history. In this menopause supplement, the
woman gets estrogen and progesterone in different doses
according to her need. A woman with a uterus receives both
hormones while a woman who has undergone a hysterectomy gets

Women can take hormone replacement therapy in the form of oral
medication or as topical application in the form of ointments.
The dosage and frequency of the medicine depends on the
individual. This menopause supplement should stop when the
symptoms subside. This is because it can cause blood clots and
breast cancer if taken over a long time.

There are several menopause supplements available in the
market. These contain a mixture of soy and flax seeds. The
fiber is good for digestion and one is consuming natural
estrogen. Other experts recommend consumption of gingko,
seaweeds and ginseng for relief from menopausal problems.

Nowadays there is a variety of menopause supplements available
in the market. However, since they regulate the hormonal
balance of the body one must take them carefully under a
doctor's guidance. A woman must choose the menopause supplement
best suited for her condition and after a careful consideration
of its side effects.

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