Melatonin and Anti Aging

The pineal gland in the body is responsible for producing a substance called melatonin, which helps us to sleep well. Without sleep - or without proper sleep - most people feel lots older than they are – and many look it too.

Oddly enough, melatonin is only produced during the hours of darkness. Once daylight comes another substance is produced.

We can also get melatonin from certain foods such as onions, bananas and cherries, some herbs and cereals and from red wine.

There have been many studies done on the use of melatonin in the body over the years. Scientists now know that it reduces the damage done by oxidization and so it delays the degenerative process that affects our nerves.

This damage causes aging through inflammatory reactions that often destroy nerves and tissues within the body and makes us feel older than we are. For instance, stiffness and pain prevent us feeling young.

In some of the studies, mice were injected with small amounts of melatonin.

The result was that oxidative damage was both reduced and delayed and the lifespan of the mice was increased. A positive affect was also seen on other causes of aging.

It is therefore firmly believed that additional melatonin in humans will delay the onset of diseases that are often seen in older people and that it will slow down the general aging process.

You might think that since melatonin is produced by the pineal gland there would be no need for supplements.

But since it is only produced during darkness a great deal of our modern lifestyle would prevent it from being produced.

Our bedrooms are often bathed in a dim light from the street, while many night hours are spent in brightly lit rooms. This all interferes with the production of melatonin.

So what happens when there is less melatonin in the body than there should be? Free radicals are left there to do their devastating work unhindered.

Yes, there are other antioxidants in the body, but many of them are limited to specific parts only.

Melatonin is different in that it can work right throughout the whole body – in the cells, the blood and the brain. That is why it is such a powerful ally in the fight against aging.

Another problem that occurs as we age is that our pineal gland produces less melatonin. And this is the time when we are most likely to need it.

The effects of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease that are often seen in older people are reduced when they are given extra melatonin.

It also helps to protect the brain tissue from cell damage due to stroke. Negative behavior can be helped with the addition of this powerful product.

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