Master Cleanse Weight Loss Info

The master cleanse diet is also known as the lemonade diet. The plan incorporates drinking lemonade for two weeks straight without while not eating any food. As you can probably tell, the diet is quite extreme. Obviously, when you stop eating, you will lose a little bit of weight. However, going about it this way is dangerous and extremely harmful to your body. Below we will discuss the reasons why you should not complete a master cleanse weight loss diet.

During the master cleanse weight loss diet, you are not allowed to consume any type of solid food. You are also not allowed to consume any form of supplements.

For this reason, it is extremely dangerous. This type of fasting can eliminate all kinds of bacteria from your digestive system.

This includes the good bacteria that is present in your digestive track. This is the type of bacteria that you need in order to lose weight.

You must have good bacteria present in your digestive system in order to fight diseases and infections. Because of the negatives of completing the master cleanse weight loss diet, you are going to end up worse off than you were before.

Yes, you will lose weight on the master cleanse diet. However, that weight loss is temporary, not permanent. The weight that you lose on a master cleanse is 100% because you are not consuming solid foods for 2 whole weeks.

It has nothing to do with the fact that the cleanse is working at helping your long term weight loss goals.

You do not want to sacrifice your long term health for short term benefits. You are going to want to utilize effective weight loss diets and exercises that will yield real results.

Another risk of losing weight so fast, is the loss of lean muscle. When you lose weight fast, the first thing that goes is your lean muscle. You want to ensure that you do not lose weight fast because the muscle is going to be what you lose, not fat. For this reason, you are going to want to utilize methods that help you lose weight effectively.

The less muscle mass you have, the worse your metabolism will run. For this reason, you need to ensure that you generate enough muscle mass to help your efforts.

Muscle and body fluids are going to be the only thing that you lose on this type of diet, not the fat that you are hoping to lose.

Finally, when you are trying to determine whether you should utilize a master cleanse, you shouldn't. A master cleanse is not the solution to weight loss that you are looking for.

It will only cause problems and lead to short term results. You want to utilize weight loss diets and programs that actually work towards your goal of achieving long term weight loss.

You may experience "success" on this diet, only to find out that your "success" was fabricated when you begin incorporating solid foods back into your diet.

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