Managing Your New Life Free From Bacterial Vaginosis

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In the articles on this page about how to be free from bacterial vaginosis we have covered all the fundamental things you need to know about home remedies and hygiene self help.

How to eat better, what to do with stress, what hygiene habits must be done properly, and how much sleep is necessary to maintain good health. There's lots to consider - almost too much.

So with this message, let’s break it down into small bites.

You can face a mountain one step at a time. So decide which aspects of your life you can begin to change first.

Is it the food part? Plan a fresh fruit salad for dessert instead of cake and ice cream. Another time, fix steamed broccoli with a light cream sauce as a side dish.

Or broil the chicken instead of frying it this time. Make small, but steady changes in your menu planning and shopping.

Another thing to add to your day is a walk. Walking is good for the body and mind. Don’t forget that exercise doesn’t have to be weight machines and tight lycra shorts.

Exercise is something that's part of life, or can be. You would be surprised how relaxed you’ll be after a good brisk walk. This helps de-stress you, which all adds up to a strong immune system which means fewer instances of or no chance of bacterial vaginosis!

Remember to drink plenty of fresh water. Sodas and fruit juice cannot substitute for good pure water.

You don’t need to get religious about it but try to drink a large glass every morning just after getting up. Then drink one mid morning, another with lunch, then one mid afternoon and then with dinner.

This keeps the joints lubricated and those mucus membranes we talked about will stay moist and continue to rinse away bad bacteria not giving them a chance to re-infect.

Take time for the important things in life: family, friends, and your favorite hobbies. This keeps stress low, which in turn keeps you impervious to illness.

One thing to keep in mind is to take time in the bathroom to get the job done, as they say.

Straining at the toilet can be a problem and being in a rush and not taking the time to clean yourself well just sets you up for accidental infection and possible bacterial vaginosis.

So, slow down. Wipe properly and wash your hands afterwards.

Oh, and don’t forget to change those undies. Mom was right – you don’t want to be caught wearing dirty ones, but for more reasons than she meant.

It just makes sense to keep the clothes closest to your body the cleanest, right?

Bacterial vaginosis isn't hard to get rid of, not like some infections such as yeast infection. Now you know that you can get rid of bacterial vaginosis at home with things you have on hand.

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