Losing Stomach Fat The Easy Healthy Way

Most dieters want to know how they go about losing stomach fat. The answer is the same as for any other type of fat, you need to improve your eating and your exercise program. Sure there are certain exercises that will target your stomach area but if you follow these with a trip to your favorite fast food restaurant you will have achieved nothing.

Follow these do's and don'ts in your quest to lose belly fat:


Drink plenty of pure filtered uncarbonated water

Eat seafood twice a week in order to benefit from zinc and essential fatty acids

Use olive oil to dress your salads which should be as varied and colorful as possible as well as making up a significant portion of your food intake every day.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and if possible make it organic so that your liver and kidneys do not have to work extra hard to rid your body of toxins.

Exercise more. Find things that you enjoy doing and do them more often but be sure to add in exercise to your daily routine. You need to do something every day in order to burn calories and shift those pounds as well as toning up your muscles.

Drink alcohol - not only is it full of empty calories but it will also lead you into temptation and cause you to fall off the diet wagon and eat everything you know you are not supposed to but we all love.

Drink too much tea and coffee. It dries out your skin and makes you become dehydrated leading to water retention and puffiness which can cause your stomach to bloat and make you look like you need to lose more weight than you actually do.

Eat too much salt. Most of us do not need to add salt to any of our meals. Too much salt puts a strain on your heart but also causes your tummy to bloat again making you look fatter than you are.

Smoke - you cannot lose weight and get healthy if you are slowly killing yourself with these cancer sticks.

Eat too much sugar in any form including fruit juices. It will stop your body detoxifying, cause a build up of fat cells in your liver and thus prevent this vital organ from doing its job. This in turn will lead to a build up of stubborn hard to shift fat cells around your middle i.e. exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Think that you can exercise for an hour once a week and take the other six days off. Regular exercise and a variety of different ones so that you are exercising different muscle groups is the road to success. Do something you enjoy by all means but make sure that you are not just doing it for the sake of it. You have to sweat and get slightly breathless in order to burn calories.

Finally stick to the program as much as possible. Be realistic though and accept that there will be some days that you will just have to have that glass of wine or chocolate cake. Life is for living and so long as you do these things in moderation you should have no problem losing stomach fat.

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Warren Tattersall,
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