Learning to Cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can vary from being difficult to being extremely devastating and and a lot of people need help to learn how to cope. Chronic fatigue is a completely new experience for most sufferers of the disease. To cope, chronic fatigue sufferers have to learn how to deal with irregular symptoms, a measurable drop to a complete lack of stamina and energy, cognitive problems, a loss of autonomy and independence, and any number of other problems.

In learning to cope, chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers frequently experience feelings of guilt, anger, loneliness, isolation, worry, fear, and even abandonment. They start to feel that their loved ones resent the fact that they are sick for seemingly no reason.

Part of the problem when learning to cope with chronic fatigue is that there seems to be no real cause, so a lot of people look at victims of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and make the mistaken assumption that they are simply lazy or that it is their choice to be so tired and unmotivated. This can have a truly devastating effect on those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, and it does not make coping with the disease any easier.

For that reason, a lot of people trying to beat chronic fatigue turn to a variety of therapies, such as professional counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, symptomatic treatment, and various alternative therapies, such as relaxation techniques, massage, and healing by touch therapies. Support groups are also extremely helpful.

One thing that can help with coping is to write down in a diary the times when your energy levels are highest and when they are the lowest. By doing this activities can be designed around the more favorable times. Also suffers can have their doctor design an exercise program that can help to keep strength levels up. This may also help with overall well being.

So what can you do about your Chronic fatigue Syndrome?

One of the most common self care remedies is to rest and learn to reduce and manage your stress levels. However, this is almost impossible to achieve in our busy lives today.

And all of us have to keep working to earn a living, so taking a year off from work to rest and recover is not really an option for most of us. Another strategy is to build up your strength and immunity levels by improving your diet and nutrition. But when you are feeling sick you do not feel like eating the huge amounts of fresh organic fruit and vegetables that this would require.

But do not worry, whatever may be your level of chronic fatigue, it has been observed that taking quality dietary supplements and use of chronic fatigue herbs can help to improve the health and energy levels of the sufferer. This is the simplest and fastest way to improve your health and start on your road to recovery and fully enjoying your life again.


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