Know the Causes of High Blood Pressure

Based on your regular day to day activities, your blood pressure levels keep on changing. Changes in blood pressure may be associated with one’s mental health or the time of the day.

In many cases, if the blood pressure is stable for most of the time, a sudden increase in blood pressure may occur for a few minutes and then go back to normal.

This unpredictable sudden and short episode of hypertension sometimes results in giddiness, nosebleeds, a feeling of oppression in the chest and headaches. Several rises of hypertension can bring about minor cerebral problems that may damage the brain.

If the BP increases all of a sudden and then remains high, there are some obvious cases to be identified. Sudden increase in blood pressure can be a side effect of some medication that you are taking.

When the body generates higher amounts of a particular hormone, it brings about a sudden rise in the blood pressure levels.

Kidney disease and complications during pregnancy may result in a sudden blood pressure rise. Another cause of high blood pressure is excessive intake of drugs and alcohol or consumption of caffeine.

In addition to this, cocaine consumption may also be the cause. Other drugs like anti inflammatory drugs, contraceptive pills, adrenal steroids, antidepressants and nasal drops can also bring about a rise in blood pressure.

Your doctor will definitely carry out a medical examination to identify and deal with these types of problems. You may need to be monitored at hospital so that a correct diagnosis is made.

If you are diagnosed with hypertension, the doctor may prescribe antihypertensive therapy to lower your blood pressure levels. As part of this therapy, you may be given intravenous injections of medication. It is used only when there is a serious damage caused to any organ in the body.

One needs to be highly careful after hypertension is diagnosed. Follow a well planned dietary system, exercise regularly and change some habits of yours that may provoke the occurrence of high blood pressure.

Your diet should include good sources of calcium, magnesium, minerals, vitamins and fiber. These will help you control your blood pressure levels and you will not have to face dangerous situation in the future. Early care and prevention are essential for keeping your blood pressure under control.

Although the causes are many, there are several preventive approaches to be followed to prevent the occurrence of hypertension.

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