Is Your Job At Risk?

"Control your destiny or somebody else will" - Jack Welsh

It's not something we like to think about is it? The mere thought of losing your job can be enough to bring you worry and stress, without it even happening. But sometimes the worst thing you can do is to ignore the warning signs, because you won't get any time to prepare for a job loss if it actually does happen.

One of the worst things about losing your job - apart from the loss of income of course - is the lack of control you feel about it. Some people have literally walked into the office one day and been told to clear their desks! Can you imagine how shocking and upsetting that would be?

It's no surprise then to learn that taking control in the event of a potential job loss is a great idea. Then if it does happen you have already set the wheels in motion towards doing something else.

One thing you can do initially is to cut your living costs and expenses. For instance a lot of us spend more than we need to in many areas of our lives. By cutting down on expenses you will be putting less of a strain on your finances if you do eventually lose your job. The same applies if you are downsized into a job that pays less, or you have your hours reduced. If your income goes down, so should your expenses if possible.

But what about starting a business of your own? Lots of people have a home business that generates a profit, so if you do walk into work one day and are greeted by redundancy you will be able to smile and say "OK, thanks, goodbye", and walk out again ready to go full-time with your already profitable business.

There are plenty of options for you, if you get started with enough time in advance.

Network Marketing is a popular option because it means you can use an existing business model to build your own worthwhile business. This will dramatically cut the time it takes you to make a profit too. Your business will be backed by a major corporation, and you will be working as part of a team of people in a similar situation to yourself! Can you imagine doing well enough that you could actually leave your current job and work for yourself full time? It can happen if you have the determination for it. In fact, it's already true for millions of people.

The other option is to start looking for another job of some kind. If you are feeling unsettled at work, maybe now is the time to push ahead and find a new line of work that will reward you?

Whatever you decide to do, you can see that if your job is at risk, being pro-active is the best way forward.

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