Is Fibromyalgia Curable?

If you’ve been recently diagnosed, you’re probably wondering, “Is fibromyalgia curable?” The short and unfortunate answer is no. But don’t let that discourage you!

While there is no known cause or cure for the disorder, there’s much that can be done to help you feel better.

One of the first things you healthcare provider may try to do is prescribe non-narcotic medications that can help with the pain and joint stiffness often felt with fibromyalgia. You may also get a prescription for antidepressants which can help you to battle the fatigue you feel.

Sleep aids are often prescribed as well because those who have fibromyalgia frequently have difficulty sleeping. There are a few different ones that your doctor can prescribe if you need them.

Oddly enough, some seizure medications can also be powerful fighters against fibromyalgia.

There are even some that have now been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the purpose of treating fibromyalgia. They work to help the brain process pain properly.

Many people also find that lifestyle changes can help with symptoms of fibromyalgia as well. For example, reducing the stress levels in your life is a major help.

While that can be difficult, managing your time a little better and removing unnecessary activities can benefit you.

Adopting an exercise program can also help you. It may be hard to exercise if you’re not in the habit and you may find that your pain is exacerbated. However, if you start slow and use gentle exercises such as walking and yoga, you’ll find that eventually it helps you.

It also helps to eat plenty of healthy foods. Eliminate extra sugars, artificial ingredients, and caffeine if you can.

Caffeine is especially difficult on your nervous system and can cause fibromyalgia symptoms to increase.

It’s also important to remember that slow and steady wins the race. When you’re feeling good, it might be tempting to overdo it with activities.

All that will do is leave you feeling drained the next day or even longer. Instead, pace yourself when it comes to activities.

Some alternative therapies can also be helpful.
Many people find that use of supplements that assist your digestive system to rebuild your ability to absorb nutrition makes a massive difference to their condition.

Many people have good results with acupuncture to help with pain management. Herbal supplements may also be beneficial in reducing symptoms. Massage is also a useful technique in helping to reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Seeking support can also be very helpful when it comes to dealing with your fibromyalgia. Many people find help in support groups that meet in person as well as message boards found online.

Is fibromyalgia curable? No. But can you still have quality of life? Absolutely.

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