Incorporating Zumba into Your Diet

In the last few years Zumba has helped many people get fit and lose weight. To derive the best benefits from your fitness program you should incorporate healthy food choices into your lifestyle. This has the added benefit of helping you reach your goals faster.

The key to losing weight is to get your metabolism rate up. One way to do this is to eat small meals during the day. Aim for five to six smaller meals instead of your usual three larger ones. By eating every few hours your metabolism doesn’t get a chance to slow down. Remember that your body will continue to burn fat even after you have finished exercising. Cutting down on your carbohydrate level and increasing your protein will encourage your body to burn fat faster. In addition be sure to include eggs, low fat yogurt and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and high fiber cereals such as oatmeal.

Your body needs water to function properly every day. Always try to drink 8 to 16oz of water before you start your Zumba workout. This will keep you hydrated while exercising.
It is important not to skip meals when trying to lose weight. Your metabolism will start to slow down the second you miss a meal. If you are out running errands for the day or at work be sure to pack snacks and a healthy lunch.

Your weekly Zumba sessions will help your body burn up those extra calories. You still want to concentrate on eating more natural and fresh foods. Try to stay away from processed foods that look white! This includes processed meats, sugars, cakes and foods containing white flour.

Think about how you cook your foods, try to grill, broil, bake and stir fry as much as possible. When eating eat from a smaller plate and eat more slowly. It takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full.

Oatmeal is a great choice for breakfast. It contains fiber and is extremely filling. You can easily add a handful of blueberries, strawberries or dried fruit to your oatmeal. Protein has been shown to be helpful for anyone wanting to lose weight. So include small amounts of protein in your snacks and for your lunch. Tuna or chicken filled tortillas make a great lunch choice.

If your Zumba class is after work and you don’t have time for a snack before then simply drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar. This will help give your body fuel to get through your hour long workout.

When you do get home for dinner include some lean protein and lots of vegetables on your dinner plate. It is recommended to reduce your carb intake in the evening as your body doesn’t have the time to burn off the calories before you go to bed.

Hopefully now you can see the importance of eating a good healthy diet while going to your Zumba classes. You will discover that you have more energy for your dance routines and that you are losing weight at a faster rate.

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