Identifying ADHD and ADD

ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are neurobehavioral disorders which occur sometime during the development of a child. The child displays a high degree of hyperactivity and has difficulty focusing on details.

Other symptoms may include difficulty in listening or following instructions, forgetfulness in daily activities, fidgeting and excessive talking.

Some of the symptoms appear to be natural for active children. There is no test to determine the presence of ADHD. Determining whether a child has ADHD requires close monitoring over a period of time. Teachers may be one of the sources that can help you.

If the child exhibits difficulty in learning their lessons and cannot sit still, they become potential candidates for ADHD. You should observe the child and establish other patterns that may be indicative of the presence of ADHD.

These observations may take as long as 6 months. Their unusual behaviors must be consistent and evident in different environments, such as school, home, or care centers. The disorders normally affect children before the age of 7.

There should not be other factors that could bring about the child’s actions. Sometimes, divorce, death or other fortuitous events may cause the child to exhibit abnormal reactions which could be misinterpreted as ADHD. To avoid a misdiagnosis, it is vital that other factors are ruled out as possible reasons for the symptoms.

Your close family doctor can help assess the events in the family and in the child’s life and determine whether the disorders of the child are of a ADHD nature.

If your doctor is fairly new, you need to relate to the doctor your family history, the child’s past health, any current medications or allergies and other issues that may occurred recently. The doctor might also check the child’s vision and hearing faculties to gauge the extent of the child’s disorder.

You need to be very open and candid with the doctor. Bring out anything that you remember for the past several months. Don’t leave out anything.

What you consider insignificant or minor may be the key factor the doctor needs to know about to be able to arrive at a complete and thorough diagnosis. Be investigative and question the diagnosis.

Ask for a second opinion if necessary. A misdiagnosis may result in giving the wrong medication to the child and cause further harm.

Other people may have to be consulted regarding the behavior of your child. Teachers’ experiences with children can help determine a child’s unnatural behavior.

They can provide educational tests that could help you and the doctors isolate the illnesses the child is undergoing. Neighbors whose children are active with your child might be able to shed some light on your child’s behavior.

Don’t ignore the child’s actions as something normal for a young energetic child. They may have the beginnings of ADHD and the faster you can attend to the disorders, the better are the child’s chances for a well-rounded development.

This problem will often be remarkably improved with a high quality, fully balanced, nutrition.

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