How Your Mind Works in a Pattern | Self Hypnosis Downloads

First and foremost, our minds work in patterns. These patterns reflect themselves through our habits. The idea is often linked with the process of hypnosis because it is closely linked to the way our minds work. And of course, we all know how mysterious our brains can be. We haven’t even begun to explore its deepest recesses. If studies are correct, we only make use of less than 10% of our brain’s functions. What about the rest? Do we know what we can do if we really are able to maximize our full potential? What researchers now believe is that our subconscious can be an extremely powerful tool. We’ve already created a thought pattern deep within us, and these often dictate what we do in our daily lives.

Pattern interruption is merely the use of divergent thoughts, statements, and actions. These often confuse our subconscious mind. It is meant to throw us off. Simply put, if we were to be faced with a scary situation, we often think that we would simply run away from it. However, our reactions to situations sometimes throw us off balance. We end up finding ourselves facing up to that situation and reacting to it in unexpected ways. It helps us gain confidence because we get to learn what we truly can do. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of training to change how we operate. With this in mind, we should know that we can do basically anything we want, if we only were willing to explore unknown territory.

Man is a creature of habit. We know that. We often thrive on what is familiar to us. Changes, on the other hand, are seen as scary and daunting. If we look into our own lives, we will notice that there are things that we do every day. Hypnosis helps us interrupt this pattern so that we get to learn behaviors that aren’t necessarily congruent to our habits. This is especially helpful when we want to rid ourselves of bad behavior patterns. It goes deep into the subconscious so that our consciousness is receptive to receive cues from ourselves.

Pattern interruptions serve to change our state of mind. There are many ways to achieve this. The point is, we need to distract our minds and bring out the unexpected. Debaters have been using this technique for years. Just as when the opponent moves in for the kill, they do something so off key that the other party is thrown off balance. Then, these experts move in to use tag questions. These are simply a set of questions that force the other to agree with them. The opponent is then forced to accept a different frame of mind because the wiser one has veered the argument towards his being reasonable. Now, we all know that reason is the core behind every debate. If one refuses to agree with it, it becomes a reflection of what they can never be, and that is a person who refuses to see the truth behind the argument.

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