How To Use Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

Using your juicer to make fresh fruit and vegetable juice, is the best thing you can do for weight loss. If you are serious about getting the weight off fast, start with a juice fast. All fresh vegetable and fruit juice will help you to lose excess weight, just make sure that it is a replacement for a meal, and not an addition to an already toxic and fattening diet. Fresh, super-charged and healthy juice deserves to be treated with great respect for all the fantastic nutritional benefits it will give your body.

A juice fast is not for the faint-hearted, so make sure that you are in good health and check with your health care professional before you embark on a juice fast. Ensure that you use balanced recipes to give your body all the nutrients it needs while burning the excess fat. Vitamin and mineral supplements are recommended during a juice fast to ensure that your immune system is not impaired while your body is taking strain from the release of toxic waste.

During a serious juice fast you can lose up to 20 pounds over a 30 day period, if you stick to drinking only juice, which will kick start your weight loss program and all you have to do from there on is to maintain your new lifestyle.

The ingredients in a tall glass of fresh juice will provide your body with the most amazing health benefits, while at the same time helping you to lose excess weight. The below list is not exhaustive, but contains most of the more well-known health benefits of fresh juice.

Prevention of:
• Alzheimers
• Osteoporosis through bone protection
• Breast cancer
• Colon cancer
• Liver cancer
• Asthma
• Cataracts
• High Blood Pressure
• Bad blood circulation
• High cholesterol
• Inflammation
• Stroke and heart problems
Assist in:
• Pain relief
• Digestion
• Mental health
• Improved skin and complexion
• Detoxification and blood cleansing
• Increased libido
• Healthy immune system

If you already know the basics of juicing and you are looking for juicing recipes for weight loss, below are some of the best ones around:

Adjust sizes to taste, but as a guide:

Celery = 1 small stick 3 inches
Apple = small or half medium
Spinach, Kale = 2 leaves
Cabbage = 2 leaves
Parsley = 2 sprigs
Cucumber = 2 inch piece
Lemon/Lime = slice of peel lemon or 2 tablespoons

GREEN SMOOTHIE – Celery, Apple, Kale, Lemon, Spinach
APPLE CITRUS – Orange, Celery, Apple
PURPLE TREAT – Red cabbage, Lime, Apple
HEALTHY GREEN – Cucumber, Ginger, Kale, Lemon, Apple, Celery
GREEN CITRUS – Orange, Lemon, Spinach, Ginger, Apple, Celery
GREEN LEMONADE – Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Apple, Cucumber
GINGER RED – Red cabbage, Ginger, Spinach, Apple, Lemon
GREEN GREEN – Spinach, Kale, Parsley, Apple
GINGER ‘N LEMON – Carrot, Ginger, Lemon, Apple

The above juice recipes for weight loss will start you on an adventure with juicing. Experiment with your own combinations and add fruit or vegetables when they are in season. Whether you are embarking on a juice fast to lose weight quickly, or would just like to add juice to your already healthy diet, remember to do all things in moderation for lasting results.

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