How to Trick Your Metabolism By Varying Calories

A new diet has become popular with people is calorie Shifting. This diet plan is well known for its aim of tricking ones metabolism. It tries to avoid the "plateau" which is common among majority of diet plans in the market.

The Frustrating Plateau

If you've been dieting through time and have tried different kinds of diets already, then you must probably be familiar with hitting the dismaying "plateau", which is also called "wall" at times. This is basically the strange phenomenon which occurs when someone has successfully dieted, and then it would bring weight loss to an instant halt. Hence, no matter how hard you try to continue losing weight, nothing simply happens.

This so-called plateau occurs most of the time during the 3rd & 4th week after you've started dieting and would seem to be a persistently reoccurring factor on that period of your diet onwards.

Its A Reflex

What most people do not know is that such frustrating periods during dieting are actually the doings of their body's natural defenses mechanism. This is how it works.

When your routine changes, your body figures out what you're up to. In a frantic attempt to avoid starvation, your body gets protective. The body tries to slow down your metabolism so that it can prevent further weight.

Frustration On Its Way

Other than trimming the weight you could lose, these plateaus are also the time when dieters start to believe that they're simply unable to lose weight. This is the time when most dieters start getting frustrated. This leads to people giving the battle with their own body's urge to preserve its current weight.

The Trick

Calorie Shifting diets are the answer to this problem. It tries to eliminate the occurrence of this plateau. By changing the number of calories you eat every day, the diet effectively attempt to trick your metabolism. The body falls into this trick. It doesn't get into a protective stance.

Once you get past this point, your body's metabolism will not slow down. Consequently, it wouldn't prevent you from further losing weight. You will continue your weight loss and get the most out of your current diet.

How To Execute The Trick

There are various ways to integrate this kind of dietary plan into your everyday routine. Thanks to its versatility, it's a diet that is relatively easy for anyone to use in their present lifestyle, regardless of what kind of lifestyle they have. There are a lot of different Calorie Shifting diets out there that you can follow. Here are some of the most popular methods.

The 14 Day Method

One popular method is the 14-day method. You'll do the diet for 14 days. Within those days, 11 days would be allotted to following your scheduled diet plan, while the next 3 days would let you freely eat whatever kind of food that you want.

The whole diet itself rotates the various types of foods that you eat throughout the day, which helps in tricking your metabolism. The 3 cheat days in the program not only prevent your body from plateauing but can prevent you from becoming frustrated with a strict eating regimen. You can continue doing this 14 day plan as long as you feel that it is necessary for your loss weight.

The 2 Day Method

Another popular method is the 2 Day diet plan. This would include having an up day and a down day. The whole program is based on a 2-day schedule. The up day would be the day where you can eat regularly, while the down day would be the day in which you would limit your calorie intake by 20-35% less than your normal consumption. You simply continue the pattern until you are able to get your target weight.

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