How To Treat A Burn

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Burn Treatment - How To Treat A Burn

Burns are one of the most common household injuries. A serious burn on the skin is one of the most traumatic injuries that the body can sustain.

The skin is the body's largest organ, and one of its most complex. Among other things, it helps to regulate temperature and it serves as the first line of defense against infection.

Burn Classifications
There are three basic classifications of bums on the skin, each varying in severity. First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of the skin, causing redness and sensitivity to the touch.

Sunburn is usually a first-degree bum. Second degree burns extend somewhat into underlying skin layers, and are characterized by redness, blistering, and acute pain.

In third-degree bums, the entire thickness of the skin and possibly underlying tissues, such as muscle, are destroyed. The skin may be red, or it may be white or yellowish, or leathery and black. There is usually little or no pain because the nerves in the skin are severely damaged.

Common Causes of burns
• Contact with flames or hot objects.
• Electrical burns.
• Chemical burns.
• Sunburn.

First aid home treatment for burn - How to treat a burn

To give first aid at home to treat burn, apply cold water (not ice water) or compress immediately. The cold water eases the pain and reduces the amount of skin damage. Apply the cold for at least five minutes.

For chemical burns to the mouth or eyes require immediate medical evaluation after thorough flushing with water. Electrical burns often result from small children playing with electrical outlets.

If an electrical burn occurs, immediately disconnect the power source and pull the victim away from the source using a dry, non-metallic object such as a broom, rope, chair, or cushion. Don't use your bare hands. Here are some home remedies to treat burn.

• Aloe vera pulp, gel, or liquid can be applied to the burn as needed to relieve pain and to speed healing.
• Apply ice pack or cloth soaked in ice water and change them constantly.
• Horsetail and slippery elm help skin tissues to heal.
• Tea tree oil is effective for minor burns, primarily as an antiseptic and to help soothe the burned area. It is safe for children and adults.
• Apply fresh ginger juice or strong black tea to the burned area, using cotton balls or a compress.
• Bayberry, black or green tea, blackberry leaves, sumac leaves, sweet gum, and white oak bark contain tannic acid, which has been used in clinics for surface bums that have begun to heal. These herbs can be used as teas and as wet compresses.

First aid for burn - Wash the affected area (burned area) as shown in the picture

Prevention tips for burn

• Hygiene is very important when dealing with any type of burn.
• Keep matches and electrical items out of reach of children and babies.
• Use sunscreen lotion to treat with sunburn.
• Keep burn injuries elevated to minimize swelling and promote healing. This is especially important for burns on the hands, legs, or feet.
• For acid or chemical bums, use baking soda or apple cider vinegar added to warm water. Apply the mixture to the affected area using a thoroughly clean cloth.

If possible, soak the burned area in this liquid. With either method covering or soaking-apply the mixture for five minutes once a day.


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