How To Keep Your Weight Loss Motivation

Weight loss is a difficult job, so many of us may lose motivation sooner or later. This is how we fall back into temptation and start eating those forbidden foods again, thus wasting a lot of work and effort. If you recognize yourself in these words, this article is for you. We are going to provide you our best tips to stay motivated to lose weight.

1. Set reasonable goals. This is the first thing you should do when joining a weight loss program or when starting a diet. By setting goals that are achievable, you'll be able to see how you get closer to them with every week that passes, so you are more prone to stay motivated. If your goals are too high, you'll eventually get depressed because you won't see any encouraging progress along the way.

2. Get yourself an accountability partner. Working as a team is always easier than struggling by yourself. If your partner also needs to lose weight, it's a great opportunity to join a program together, help and support each other, share your feelings and celebrate your victories together. If you don't have a partner willing to support you in preserving your weight loss motivation or if he doesn't need to lose weight, you could consider joining a group or hiring a personal trainer.

3. Be nice to yourself. Allow yourself to get spoiled every now and then by skipping a day or workouts or by enjoying some forbidden foods. If you're too strict, soon you won't find the power to stay on track, so you may end up just quitting and returning to your old habits that may have been unhealthy but so comforting at the same time!

4. Rest. Getting the required amount of sleep every night is essential to keep you motivated and healthy. Humans do need sleep and if you skip one night or two, you can't think you'd make up by sleeping in the next weekend. It doesn't work like this. We need our seven-eight hours of good night sleep, or we may fall into depression. This could happen even to healthy and fit individuals, so you can imagine what harm it might do to somebody who is already trying hard to cope with the challenge of losing weight.

5. Exercise. Scientific research has shown that individuals who exercise every day are healthier than those who don't. Besides, when we exercise, our body reacts by secreting more of a protein that helps neural connections to form, therefore making us sharper. Moreover, those who exercise in their 40s or 50s will benefit from a better health when they will get to the old age, so you can see how important this is for all of us.

6. Avoid bad influences. If you have friends to regularly tempt you into breaking your newly acquired, healthy habits, it's best to see less of them, if you want to maintain your weight loss motivation. Surround yourself with people who support your current goals.

Most of all, document your progress by keeping a diary. If you want to make it public, you may consider starting a weight loss blog which could help other people like you keep their weight loss motivation.

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How to Master Your Weight Loss Permanently

Losing weight can be simple for some yet extremely difficult for others. Basically to lose your extra weight you will need to eat fewer calories than you burn. This can be done by increasing your activity level and reducing the amount of calories you eat. By doing this consistently you will lose weight. But let’s look at why weight loss is so hard for some people.

Losing weight requires us to change our habits, and we need to accept this is a long term change of lifestyle if we want it to be successful and keep that weight off permanently. Initially you need to decide whether reaching your weight loss goals is something you can do on your own or maybe you would find it easier with the help of a support group. There are many such support groups available and you can find one in your area by looking through your local newspaper or on the internet.

One of the problems with dieting is that many diets are unappealing which makes them hard to sustain. But there are a lot of diets around offering lots of choices and you can vary your meals enough to make them appetizing for you. Another useful tip is to eat 5 or 6 small but frequent meals during the day instead of 3 large ones.

Did you know that eating slowly can help you lose weight? By eating slowly your brain has time to register that you are full and sends your body a message to stop before you get carried away with overeating. Remember the objective of the exercise is to be satisfied, not bursting at the seams. You can also replace some of your meals with protein shakes, but don't do this for all meals as you still need the nutrition that only whole foods can provide.

The other component of the weight loss regime apart from diet is of course exercise. its a common mistake when you first start a weight loss plan to jump into exercise routines like there is no tomorrow. That is not going to solve your problem. Mainly because you will burn out and give up, unless you are extremely fit to start with.

You need to work out an exercise plan that you can follow and stick with. If you are not an exercise person try starting off with something you enjoy such as walking, dancing or swimming. These are known as cardio exercises and are good for fat burning, To develop an overall plan you should consider factoring in some weight lifting routines as these replace fat with muscle.

Last but not least it is important to drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep. Put these two things together with a good healthy eating and exercise plan and you are well on the way to getting rid of those unhealthy pounds.

On a final note try to remember everyone is different, and that means they will lose weight at different rates, even though they may follow exactly the same process. Don't compare yourself to someone else just continue to follow your own weight loss goals it will happen for you if you are persistent and stay focused.

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