How to Gain and Build Muscle in 10 Easy Steps

If you’re ready to gain and build muscle, it helps to have a plan. There are several things you can do that will help you to achieve the desired results.

Step 1 – Cut Back on Cardio.

You do need to get some cardiovascular exercise in order to have a healthy heart and lose some fat. But you need to limit it to half an hour a couple of times a week.

Step 2 – Use heavier weights with fewer reps and sets.

It’s best to use enough weight that your muscle fails after a set of 8. Failing means that you can’t control the movement steadily anymore. Use slow and controlled movements.

Step 3 – Eat more.

You need to eat more calories in order to bulk up, but you want to make sure that you get quality calories from whole foods. Adding about 500 calories to your daily routine can help you to see more muscle.

Step 4 – Eat often.

Many people make the mistake of eating one large meal and then fasting for the rest of the day. You need to eat all through the day to make sure you keep your metabolism humming and provide fuel for the building of muscles.

Step 5 – Add a protein supplement.

When you’re trying to bulk up a protein shake or bar can give you the extra nutritional boost you need to add muscle tissue to your body. One supplement each day can help you to get quick progress.

Step 6 – Don’t isolate muscles.

Instead of focusing on biceps or triceps, look for exercises that work both muscle groups at the same time. When you use workouts that target multiple muscles, you’re more efficient with muscle gain.

Step 7 – Work out your entire body at once.

Instead of a routine that focuses on upper body one day and lower body the next, stick to a routine that works out the whole body on the same day. Then take a day of rest before doing it again.

Step 9 – Focus on flexibility.

Many people focus on lifting weights, but leave out stretching. It’s important to make sure you stretch your muscles after working them so that you have better recovery and your muscles can build.

Step 10 – Get a good night’s rest.

It’s important to give your body time to recover. During sleep your body is busy repairing tissues including building muscle tissue. If you’re getting fewer than eight hours of sleep a night, you may not be giving your body enough time to bulk up.

Understanding how to gain and build muscle is simple and if you follow these steps you’ll be able to have dramatic results.

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