How to Check Your Own Blood Pressure

Millions around the globe suffer from HBP or high blood pressure and have absolutely no idea that they have this condition. Much too often people face massive heart attacks or strokes unnecessarily as they have failed to monitor their day to day blood pressure at home and at their workspace. In other words, these people could have reduced their risk of such awful consequences if they had had their blood pressure monitored.

There are automated home blood pressure monitors that you can get for yourself. They happen to be affordable and simple to use. These home monitors aren’t available for free at the moment, but it’s worth buying one for home use. There are 3 main categories of blood pressure monitors that you can choose from. Take Aneroid Monitors, for instance. Such types of blue-collar monitors are used by professional physicians in medical clinics and all hospitals today. Aneroid monitors come with a special dial gauge. The user’s blood pressure will be indicated by the pointer of the gauge.

You can inflate its cuff manually by using a special rubber pump. Aneroid monitors need to rely entirely on the application of the stethoscope. You can listen to your heartbeats through it. In other words, the heartbeats you hear will need to be correlated with the readings of the monitor gauge. A reading actually has an upper number and a lower number. Among the 3 main types of monitors available, this one happens to be the most complex to understand and the most cumbersome to handle, especially if you are a novice.

There are also Digital Monitors. When buying a digital home monitor, you’ll be able to select a manual or an automatic cuff. The readings will be displayed onto the screen digitally. In the same way, the digital monitors happen to be much more expensive in general compared to their aneroid counterparts. Fortunately, they’ve become among the trendiest ones and have been popularized because of their ease of use. Just in case you didn’t know, you can buy digital monitors with standard cuffs. These require manual inflating through squeezing the miniature rubber pump. Still, most people don’t want to deal with that kind of hassle.

Rather, they want to go for the machines that inflate and deflate the cuff automatically. All you need to do is to push a button. The digital monitor will do the job of taking the reading quickly.

It will also display the results on a small screen and there won’t be any need for you to use a stethoscope. The results can be stored, conveniently printed out and even downloaded to your pc.

Features depend a lot on what model you’ve chosen. There are some models that let you to easily upload these results onto your consultant’s system using the internet.

Compared to digital monitors, the Aneroid types are sometimes more accurate. Still, if you use the digital monitors in line with the instructions from the manufacturer, you will get highly accurate results that you can rely on. Movements and irregular heartbeat could have an effect on the readings, so you need to exercise utmost care as you use the monitor.

The third category includes the Wrist & Finger Monitors. These are highly popular because they are perhaps the simplest ones to use. Still, they could be the least accurate ones if the user fails to use the machine correctly.

Many factors like body temperature or body position could decisively affect the underlying results. Despite all this, the Wrist and Finger monitors could prove very effective when it comes to monitoring the blood pressure levels at home on a daily basis. It’s just that you need to exercise due caution while using them.

You need to choose a suitable monitor. Make sure that the size of the cuff is right for you. If you’re not sure about the cuff size, it’s best to consult a doctor.

When you’re tied with the wrong cuff, the reading could be totally inaccurate. You can also have your physician show you the proper use of the monitor.

And do not forget to keep all the readings you get from the machine. This means that you will have to maintain a record book that your doctor can refer to for analysis.

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