How Long Does a Fat Loss Regimen Take?

Losing fat can be an obligation that a lot of people believe they need to pick up to protect their health and the way they feel about themselves.

First of all, fats can tax on your internal organs, especially your liver and kidneys.

Your liver aids in your body's ability to digest foods and absorb nutrients, so if you do not take care of your liver, you could end up an invalid fast.

Second, fats can overwork your heart, especially if your arteries clogging because of the excess fats that you consume.

You can be more prone to cardiac diseases and heart attacks.

Third, fats really do look unsightly. On some people, the fat in their bodies serves to add shape and form; but on others, obesity simply shows that you are not caring for your body.

It is for this reason that some people plunge headlong into getting fats out of their body. They resort to drastic measures such as diets that will force their bodies to use up remaining fat stores by completely depriving themselves of the default energy store, carbohydrates. This can be dangerous in that it taxes the liver and kidneys further and can lead to uric acid build-up in the body.

Some diets are structured like this and they can be dangerous in the long run. In this kind of diet, you can lose as much as five pounds a week, which is very dangerous. Women should especially be wary of losing too much body fat, since a certain amount of fat is required for them to keep their menstrual cycles regular.

How long does a fat loss regimen take?

This is a misleading question, since it can trick you into believing that a fat loss regimen will end when you finally lose the weight that you want to get off.

The key is to not only lose the weight, but to keep yourself at your ideal weight through exercise and a balanced diet. The simple answer is that you can lose pounds in months, but your maintenance will take your entire lifetime.

If you already have the extra weight then what you should remember is that your fat loss should not be too speedy: lose too many pounds or kilos in short period and it can have health and wellness implications for you.

If you lose weight in an unsustainable manner then is may even cause you to gain weight, even beyond your starting weight, if you stop using the diet.

Medical authorities generally recommend that you look for weight loss at a rate of one kilogram, 2 ponds, a week and preferably that you include some regular exercise into your program.

The key to losing fats is to take note of medical advice, see your doctor if you have any health concerns, and not overdo anything. Talk to your physician and nutritionist for more details if you have any concerns at all about your health.


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