Hopelessness And How To Get Rid Of It

In this day and age, hopelessness is rampant. There are many valid reasons why people are losing hope in the world today. Even when the reasons are valid, it is important not to give up hope. Hopelessness is a burden that weighs you down and prevents you from being able to do your best and enjoy your life. If you give in to hopelessness, you will only spiral down further into a quagmire of depression.

Modern psychologists believe that hopelessness is triggered by a loss of satisfaction of basic needs. These needs are survival, accomplishment and attachment. When the things and circumstances you need to be able to sustain these three qualities are compromised, you are very likely to feel hopeless.

Hopelessness comes in several forms that can affect a person individually or in combination. Each type of hopelessness requires a different type of approach in treatment.

In this article, we will discuss the types of hopelessness people experience and present some ideas for coping with hopelessness.

The need for attachment is very strong, but in the modern world many people feel isolated and alienated. Alienation causes sufferers to feel different from others, and this makes them feel rootless and helpless.

When a person feels unloved, unsupported, uncared for and undervalued, alienation based hopelessness is bound to ensue.

People who are stuck in unsatisfying circumstances due to lack of opportunities or resources may feel completely uninspired and powerless to make positive changes.

This is because they cannot successfully attain a feeling of mastery due to their circumstances. Furthermore, this type of situation may cause problems with meeting attachment needs because of a lack of strong, positive mentors and other supportive people available.

Members of groups that are considered second class citizens may feel oppressed, limited and hopeless because of being held outside of mainstream society and prevented from attaining their full potential.

This can also be true of people who are imprisoned or held against their will in captive or abusive situations. All of these forms of hopelessness affect a person’s ability to maintain feelings of mastery, attachment to supportive others and a sense of the ability to safely survive.

People who are seriously ill or who feel unsafe in the world may experience feelings of doom and helplessness. Their ability to successfully survive and form meaningful attachments are compromised due to fear for health, life and/or safety.

It is important to remember that feelings of hopelessness often really are in your head. When you feel hopeless, you feel like spending more time alone, it is important to make it a point to seek out the company of others and find someone to talk with and share your thoughts and feelings. If your need for attachment is met, you will have an easier time coping if your other needs are threatened.

Additionally, having the opportunity to discuss your fears and perceptions will help you to put them in perspective. Often feelings of hopelessness arise from over-generalizing and amplifying very small events and actions on the parts of others or even ourselves. Seeking feedback and a new perspective from others can help you pull yourself out of the spiral of hopelessness.

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