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Cold calling prospects is treated with a vague distaste by both customers and the employees who actually have to make the call. Why?

Well, for those making the call, it can be difficult trying to think about how you are going to make the customer on the other end of the phone interested in a product that they can't see and not make them feel as though they are wasting their time speaking with you about your Home Business Marketing MLM product or business.

It is tough! But before you give up and decide cold calling is pointless, remember why you are doing it?

Most companies at some point will need to make people interested in their product and a great way to do this is to call someone and tell them. Just about everyone has a phone in their house and so you can access huge numbers of people relatively easily.

Believe in your Product and Service! Warren Tattersall from The Health Success Site suggests that the most important thing about cold calling and getting people interested in your product is to ensure that the person who is selling it believes in it and knows all there is to know about it.

It is so easy for potential customers to be put off from buying a product because the person making the cold call and trying to sell it doesn't know enough about it or thinks that the product is rubbish.

You may be thinking that it is done over the phone, so who will they know if I care or not. But we all know how telling a voice can be, so don't try to cheat it!

Remember to do your research. If your product is aimed for middle aged women, there is very little point in trying to sell it to young male students. Knowing your target market is vital to building interest. You can easily get demographics for the areas you are calling, to make sure that you aren't wasting your time.

Have a convincing opening! Your potential customers will decide within the first few seconds whether they are going to spend their valuable time talking with you. Having a clear and decisive opening to your conversation will set the tone.

Never start your conversations with a question that a customer can say no to. This pretty much kills the conversation and it is terribly difficult for the cold caller to regain their control and confidence quick enough to make the customer interested.

Remember to be direct. Don't try to go around the houses. Potential customers have better things to do than sit and chat on the phone to someone that they don't know. This will only aggravate them.

Patience is a virtue. This is going to have to be your mantra. For every one person who gives you the time of day, there will be another ten who are rude or don't want to know.
Don't take it personally. People are busy and can feel as though their personal space has been violated. Try to take this on board and don't feel disheartened.

It doesn't matter that one person says no to either your Home Business Marketing MLM proposition or your product. It is their loss! You have a great product and if they can't see that, it's fine.

If you are just at the point of considering whether or not Direct Sales or MLM is something that you can do and make money at it, you need to do some research before you make any decisions.

There are many online MLM training sites that can give you tips to get you on the right path to growing your Home Business Marketing MLM enterprise, so do some clicking and get all the free help that you can.
I wish you all the best good fortune in your new Home Business, Marketing MLM!

There are some great Home Business Marketing MLM opportunities in the nutrition direct sales industry.

If you are just at the point of considering whether or not Direct Sales or Home Business Marketing MLM is something that you can do and make money at it, you need to do some research before you make any decisions.
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