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If you were considering spending your hard-earned money on something, would you prefer to make that purchase from someone who you considered to be an expert, or from someone who you weren't sure knew anything about what you were buying?

You'd buy from the expert wouldn't you? Most people would agree with you – that it's better to buy from an expert. That's why in your MLM business, it's extremely important to be an expert in the eyes of your customers and the people who may eventually become a part of your downline.

Article marketing of your Home Business Marketing MLM business is one way to effectively build your reputation as an expert. It's easy to do and completely free, and it has a huge impact! A well-written article that is packed with good, solid information is the kind of article that will find its way in front of potentially thousands and thousands of eyeballs! All these eyeballs could belong to potential customers!

Let's start at the beginning. How can article marketing make you an expert? It's very simple, actually. If you publish a good article online – one that informs, helps and even entertains, people will read it and associate you with the topic of the article.

If you publish more articles on the same topic or related topics and people find those articles to be helpful and interesting, people will begin to think of you as an expert on the topic. They can bounce between your Home Business Marketing MLM articles and start to build a great respect for you and your knowledge.

Being an expert is an advantage, as we've already discussed. Think about it. If you have a toothache, you are going to consult with your dentist about it because he or she is perceived to be an expert on how to handle toothaches. You're not going to ask your car mechanic about your toothache.

In MLM, the concept is the same. You have your business opportunity and your products. You are an expert on those things. One way to prove that to the public and to gain the confidence of customers is through publishing many, many articles that constantly reinforce your image as an expert.

I bet someone who is reading this is thinking, “Oh, but I can't write articles!” It's true that some people don't feel they have the skill (they are skilled at other things) to write an article. And some people haven't got the time or inclination to do it. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't use article marketing as a way to build your reputation as an expert. What this means is that you should get help with writing articles.

You own your own business. You know your products inside and out. You believe in your Home Business Marketing MLM products. You're an expert! Just because you can't or prefer not to write your own articles doesn't take that away from you! Consider hiring a skilled ghostwriter who will write the articles for you. You receive all rights to the article when you pay your ghostwriter, and then you will publish the articles in your name! There is nothing wrong with doing this, and in fact it shows that you know how to capitalize on your own talents and let someone else capitalize on theirs! It's working smart!

Articles can be published in article directories online. You can also publish them on your own website or blog too. You may want to mail them to the people on your email list, or even allow a business associate to mail them to those on his or her list (keeping your own name and contact information connected to the article).

The point here is to use article marketing to your advantage for your Home Business Marketing MLM business promotion. It's a great way to build your reputation as a trusted expert for your customers, a great way to generate traffic to your site, and a great way to build your business!

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