History of bipolar

When it comes to bipolar disease, very few people know the history behind. You will find that depression has been something that was even affecting the geek gods. In ancient Greek it was known as melancholia, which meant black and bile.

IT was something viewed as being in an awful state of mind. It also means mental anguish and that is really how we got the words depressing and manic.

You should know that people have been dealing with bipolar disease since the existence of man. It's not something that has recently come into existence.

You will find that there are many famous people who have suffered from bipolar disease, as well as, many historic icons.

Later on during World War II time, it was found that lithium could help out a person with bipolar disorder.

They find it to be a successful treatment for the disorder; however, this was during a time period when others thought that table salt substitutes could like to poisoning or death.

In the 1950's, hospitals began to use the lithium as part of treatment for the disorder. By the 1970 the FDA or Food and Drug Administration passed it as a good way of getting over bipolar disorder.

When it comes to bipolar disorder it is something that can be controlled, but not cured. Maybe in the future scientist will find a way to cure the body of such mental disease, but a cure if very far off.

With the help of prescriptions and therapy most people are able to get over their symptoms of bipolar disorder. Some do require electric shock therapy.

Electric shock therapy was used often when it came to helping others with mental disorders.

However, as we have progressed, the past has left eclectic shock therapy as a final solution.

It is very rarely used, and it is usually used when a person with bipolar disorder is placed in a mental hospital.

It is something that helps control how others act, but it is an extreme way of treating the disorder.

Today, people are most likely to get diagnosed correctly, but in the day, it seemed like everyone wanted to diagnose their patients as bipolar.

Today, there is arrange of disorders that you may be able to get diagnosed with, but all mental disorders, including bipolar, can easily be controlled by taking medication and by living a full and healthy life.

By simply getting enough sleep and eating properly you can avoid becoming manic and simply just deal with the depression end of bipolar disorder.

For those who believe that they are manic or know someone who is bipolar, you may feel more comfortable knowing that you aren't the only one and there are plenty of people who are rich and famous that has the disorder.

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