Heat Stroke Creation

by Ryan Fyfe

Heat stroke is the condition that happens when the body creates or takes in more heat then it can let out. Generally this condition is due to excessive exposure to a heat that the body cannot tolerate.

Our body is equipped with heat-regulating mechanisms, that are constantly trying to regulate the temperature of our body.

When these mechanisms are over-worked for an extended period of time, they become unable to effectively regulate our temperature, which makes our body temperature climb uncontrollably.

Although often overlooked, Heat stroke is a serious medical emergency, and has to be looked after immediately.

Our body works hard to keep itself at an optimal temperature. The scale into the 'danger zone' begins at temperatures above 40 degrees celsius, that are life threatening.

At 41 degrees celsius brain death starts. At 45 degrees celsius death is almost certain.

Heat stroke can come on suddenly as our temperature regulating mechanism can simply become over-exercised and shut down.

There is several different signs that are body will give us if it is overheating, also known as heat stroke symptoms. The most common way for our body to release excess heat is through perspiration.

This works as long as the body has a sufficient amount of water to perspire. Once the body becomes dehydrated, it starts to look for other methods of losing heat. If it cannot find any, the temperature begins to climb rapidly.

Under 'normal operating conditions' our body is able to maintain itself. Be smart about when and how you push your body and you will be able to reduce the risks of such conditions as heat stroke.

Simple steps that you can take, like staying hydrated, avoiding over-exhaustion in hot temperatures, etc are all that it takes.

So be very aware, and keep checking your symptoms to ensure that what you initially might think is a bad case of prickly heat skin rash, is not just the first symptom of the very serious heat stroke!

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