Heart Murmur Stages-There Are No Difinitive Ones

There are no definitive heart murmur stages, although, if the damage is caused by a degenerative condition the heart murmur may get worse over time and cause other more serious health conditions such as, heart disease, blood clots, and heart failure just to name a few.

Your heart is what keeps you alive. Even if your brain no longer functions, say, due to a severe head injury, your heart can keep on pumping and keep your body alive. We have all heard about cases like these and as a nurse I have seen several cases up close myself.

The heart has the express responsibility of pumping blood full of oxygen throughout your body. That is all it does. So when something is wrong with the heart then every system in your body suffers due to lack of nutrients and oxygen.

The human heart muscle has four chambers. Blood is pumped through the veins to the right upper chamber of the heart called the right atrium. Then through the mitral valve to the right ventricle. From the right ventricle, the blood goes through the tricuspid valve to the lungs for oxygen. Coming back from the lungs the blood goes to the left atrium then passes through the pulmonic valve to the left ventricle then at last through the aortic valve to the rest of the body.

If any of these valve do not function correctly what your doctor hears when he listens with a stethoscope is heart murmur stages. If your doctor does tell you he hears a heart murmur, ask him immediately to refer you to a cardiologist to determine if it is the type called innocent or if there is a more serious problem and the structure of your heart has become damaged in some way.

The most common test performed by a cardiologist is the ECG, or electrocardiogram. An ECG shows the cardiologist what is going on electrically with your heart and if there are any abnormalities. Next the cardiologist may have you do a stress test. This is a test where you get hooked up to monitors and then do several exercises or walk on a treadmill to see what kinds of stresses are put on your heart and if it reacts adversely to exercise.

Your cardiologist may also order blood tests, ultrasound, and a chest x-ray to make his determination of any heart problems. A cardiologist is not just responsible for keeping track of how the heart is doing, by the way, He is responsible for the entire cardiovascular system including all the veins and arteries.

The cardiologist will take a look at your medical history and pinpoint specific symptoms you have been having. Then he will listen to your heart with his stethoscope to hear any heart murmur stages or other abnormal heart sounds that may cause him to order any of these more in-depth tests.

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