Heart Mumur Hereditary Condition You Cant Control

If you have a heart mumur hereditary traits may have something to do with it. Many types of heart conditions are hereditary and can be caused by illness or lifestyle choices. a heart murmur is usually something a person is born with.

We all have a heart, you can not be alive without one. The heart has the job of circulating your blood through your arteries to your entire body. The blood comes to the heart through your veins and the heart sends the blood to the lungs to get oxygenated then back to the heart to get sent to all your organs to supply your entire body with the oxygen it needs to live.

When you go to the doctor for a physical, your doctor will listen to your heart beat with an instrument called a stethoscope. If the sounds your heart makes are normal then you do not have anything to worry about. If your heart makes extra or unusual sounds then there may be a problem that needs to be addressed.

Any extra or unusual sound could be an abnormality in the valves of the heart causing blood to leak through the valve at the wrong time. If someone else in your family also has this same defect then this is called heart mumur hereditary. Heart defects like a septal defect or heart valve malformations are probable causes of blood leaking through. If you are born with a small hole in your heart the same symptoms can occur, also.

Heart murmurs will sound like a whooshing sound or swishing sound besides the usual "lub-dub" sound normally heard. These unusual sounds will be heard at different times than the normal lub-dub sound. Depending on when these sounds are heard your doctor can tell what type of heart murmur you have and whether or not it is a dangerous type of heart murmur.

Your general practitioner may be able to hear the murmur but may not be skilled enough in the unusual sounds to differentiate between the two main types: innocent and abnormal. Innocent heart murmurs are just that, innocent. This means that this type of heart murmur is benign and will not cause further health difficulties in the future.

An abnormal heart murmur is the type that will cause you some health problems down the road. Your general practitioner should refer you to a cardiologist if she hears a murmur so more testing can be done. The cardiologist will first order an ECG, or electrocardiogram, To see the position of the heart murmur and when it occurs within the heart beat. This will tell the cardiologist what heart muscle structure is involved. If the damage is severe you may find yourself undergoing surgery to fix your heart mumur heredity problem.

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