Health Issues that Hit Young Women

Generally, men have more health issues than women. Studies have shown that the number of healthy women outranks that of men. This little bit of good news also has its downside. Some females already have a false sense of security and complacency. This often leads to trouble. They have this notion that they can do almost anything because biologically, they belong to the healthier group. They are taking potentially dangerous risks because they are becoming so lax. They overload themselves with work and a bad diet.

To help women make sure that they do not put their health in jeopardy, they have to make sure that they are kept alert about the different health crisis they may encounter. The first on the list of threats is stress. More than ever, young women are overspent. They have to juggle their career, friends, social life, and family while maintaining a balance in each area. They live in chaos, yet they think that this comes naturally with the territory. There has been an increase in the number of female patients suffering from fatigue and anxiety. Women tend to worry more, especially about their future. Men, on the other hand, take things as they come, which is why they don’t feel the pressure as much as women do.

With stress comes depression. As they concentrate on their careers, women feel lonely if they don’t have the right support network. They feel lost along the way if they don’t have friends with them during their most problematic times. This can be very tough and frightening because uncertainty can sometimes lead to hopelessness, and with hopelessness comes pessimism about their future. Of course, biology plays a big role as well. Women have estrogen that fluctuates during their monthly cycle. Ask any woman, and she can tell you that there were times when she felt angry for no apparent reason.

There is also the issue of society. The media has given many the notion that women should be thin in order to look good. Some overeat to go against the norm while others count every calorie, obsessing on it so much that it takes over their life. Women were made to think that if they kept their eating habits well-regulated, everything else will fall into place. Media has romanticized many notions, and sadly, some women have also bought into it.

Women have to get out of their comfort zone and take a step forward. They need to know the value of rest. Unplugging yourself from your daily life is okay, just as long as it isn’t done too often. This is a way to help them recharge their batteries and lower their stress level. They also need to know when to ask for help. Counselors and experts are available to help these women cope with their dynamic lives. All they need to do is to open their phonebooks.

The secret here is to appreciate yourself, to know who you are and be what you can be. Whether you are male or female, child or adult, you need to know that you deserve to enjoy life’s rewards and that you need to take time for yourself as well.

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