Gluten Intolerance and Kids

Cookies, cake, bread, pizza, pasta, breaded chicken, hamburger and hot dog buns are all favorites of kids the world over. But when your child has a gluten intolerance or allergy, these are foods that can cause big problems.

The good news is that your child doesn’t really have to give up favorite foods at all. However, you’ll have to make sure you provide versions that are gluten-free. Because food allergies have become more common, many manufacturers are creating gluten-free versions of foods.

And if there isn’t a commercial substitute, you can make one yourself. For example, you can make homemade chicken nuggets that are breaded with gluten-free flour and crushed rice cereal instead of the traditional wheat flour coating.

There are many all-purpose flour mixes that are gluten-free that are great for cookies, cakes, and other items. Gluten-free pasta is widely available and you can frequently find gluten-free pizza dough at the store and in restaurants.

What can be a bigger challenge is sending your child to a friend’s house, summer camp, or extracurricular activity when he has a gluten intolerance. It’s important to talk to parents, leaders, and administrators about your child’s food sensitivities and allergies.

For example, if your child goes to a birthday party you need to let the parents know he can’t have the cake if it’s not gluten-free. Rather than expecting the parents to provide a gluten-free cake, you should offer to send a gluten-free substitute your child can have during the party.

You can also make sure to send appropriate snacks and meals if your child is going to Boy Scouts, a sports practice, or in any situation where food might be served that he can’t eat. It helps to be prepared and to educate those involved about your child’s needs.

It can be hard to think that your little one might miss out on some of the things he loves, but it really is getting easier to provide good substitutions that are delicious and won’t cause health problems.

When you first find out that your child can’t have gluten, there is a tough transition time of learning what you can substitute. But after a few months you’ll find many ways to help your child enjoy favorite foods and even find some new favorites.

Finding some delicious substitutes will help your child to make the transition without feeling like he has to give up everything he likes. You can help him even more by making him part of the process of learning to find the right foods and even learning to cook.


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