Get Rid of Athlete's Foot Before it Occurs

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection caused by the fungus called tinea pedis. This fungus often lives and grows in areas that are moist and warm such as the environment inside your footwear.

The fungus tines pedis is actually often contracted in areas that are wet and moist. Gyms, pool sides and locker rooms are some of the places where these fungi hang out. They can survive in wet puddles and adhere to the outer skin layers of the foot that passes by. This is why it is important that you always wear sandals or footwear even on this environment. Walking barefoot can cause so much trouble for you in terms of contracting all kinds of fungi and bacteria.

Athlete's foot will often cause itchiness in the toes particularly in the creases in between the toes. There will also be a lot of redness and scaling in the affected areas. When not treated, the infection can lead to blisters on the skin and yellowed toenails.

Below are some of the things that you can do to prevent your feet from suffering from these really pesky infection.

Dry your feet.

Make sure that your feet is dry before you get into your running shoes. After taking a bath or washing your feet, get a towel and wipe the moisture off. Don't forget to dry the spaces in between those toes.

Air out your shoes

Make it a habit to always air out your rubber shoes after use so that it will be dry inside. This is especially true if you have used it for so long during the day and there is sweat inside.

Wear sandals

When inside locker rooms or when walking by the poolside or anywhere moist, wear sandals. As mentioned above, going barefoot can be a real magnet for all kinds of bacteria and fungi.

Socks is the answer

Wear cotton socks all the time as these help in absorbing much of the sweat and moisture in your feet thereby preventing the growth of the fungi. Don’t use those socks again! Change them often. Throw them into the laundry bin after use. A fresh pair of socks can help in preventing athlete's foot from occurring.

Use talc powder

Applying talc powder on your feet after every shower will help dry out the feet. It will also prevent it from sweating too much and becoming an environment that the fungi will love.


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