Foods That Build a Strong Immunity to BV

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Eat your greens! In order to build your immune system, you need to provide your body with the basic nutrients it needs to get the job done.

And that doesn’t come from ice cream milk shakes and potato chips and a vitamin pill.

First let’s look at the foods to begin including more and more of in your diet:

Greens – salads, broccoli, beans, chard, kale, etc.

Yellows – like carrots, squashes of all kinds

Fruits – all kinds especially berries, apples, grapes and grapefruit and citrus

Nuts – all kinds but especially almonds, a complete protein

Grains – try these as close to whole as you can: wheat, oats, triticale, and other old fashioned grains (corn is too processed)

Meat & eggs – as naturally raised as possible; moderate amounts

Dairy – limit dairy to raw, non chemically raised cows; yogurt and kefir are excellent ways to eat/drink milk

Fats – raw, organic butter; coconut oil and palm oil are excellent healthy oils to be taken on a limited basis

Don’t feel like you have to start to eat all this all at once. As a matter of fact, you'll need to introduce this over time, especially if you aren't used to whole, raw foods.

A typical breakfast could be a fresh fruit salad, a bowl of yogurt with some slivered almonds sprinkled on top.

Lunch could be a veggie wrap with cheese chunks and a V-8 type drink. And dinner could be baked fish or sirloin patty with a side of steamed mixed vegetables.

Before we leave this “lesson”, a word about the no-nos. If you really wish to beat bacterial vaginosis it will take some serious commitment on your part.

You will need to seriously limit your intake of sweets, treats and refined, processed foods. Now, you don’t have to say goodbye to them forever.

An occasional fudge brownie and a Coke won’t throw things off.

It’s just the daily, hourly, intake that is depressing your immune system. Once your body is purring along again, feel free to treat yourself to the yummies again. Just don’t get back into the old junk food diet again.

You might get to feeling so good that you won’t miss the junk but until that time comes, it's better to allow yourself to enjoy occasional treats than to deprive yourself and “stress over it.” Speaking of stress, that's the subject of the next message.

So, for now, make a plan to add some good food choices to your diet and learn to like more natural sweets.

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