Food Allergy Tips

There are hundreds of the people who die from food allergy or some other type of allergy. One of the most common types of the allergy is food allergy.
If body's immune system becomes misdirected, the condition stats with developing. Your immune system believes that food proteins which you enter in your body are harmful, so it reacts with attack.

Allergic reaction usually starts after you have entered certain foods in your body. Your immune system make mistake so it recognizes substances of the food as harmful. Immune system makes amounts of the antibodies which try to beat these substances. In the moment when antibodies come in the contact with mast cells, they are changing structure of membranes and with that they make various chemicals. The main player in inflammation of surrounding tissues is chemicals known as histamine.

Various are food allergy symptoms. They may be ranged from mildly inconvenient and up to total collapse of the body, followed in the worst cases with the death, but there are also and symptoms of food allergy which are known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is followed with violent allergic reaction from certain types of the food.

Most usually symptoms of the food allergy are:

• Feeling of tingling in the mouth
• Tongue and throat swelling
• Problem with breathing, difficult breathing
• Hives
• Vomiting
• Crams in the stomach
• Diarrhea
• Blood pressure
• In the worst cases death

Usually these signals appear after minutes to two hours after that you have entered certain food on which you are allergic.

The best method for treating food allergy is maximum avoiding of the food on which you are allergic. When it is about medical treatment, there are not certain medical drugs which you may enter in your body to protect yourself from food on which you are allergic. One of the medical treatment is also known as epinephrine or also known as adrenaline. This medication is only for most difficult cases.

Every food may cause allergy, but the most foods that are cause of allergy are: treenuts, milk, eggs, peanut, fish, soy, wheat and hazelnut.

One of the most common food allergy comes from peanut. You may find information about how you should to react in case that it comes to the allergy attack with eating peanut on Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Usually group that most suffer from this type of the food are kids in the early period of the life. Peanuts is defined as legumes, but it is not reason why you should to avoid and other legumes, except that you have good reason for that or doctor have told you to avoid them.

Eggs are rear food allergy, but this food may trigger anaphylaxis. So, food labels must be very careful read and sure that that food does not contain eggs. Eggs which are very good cooked are not harmful as eggs which are lightly cooked or raw.

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