Five Facts about Fibromyalgia

Learning about fibromyalgia is critical when you’ve been diagnosed with this disease. It helps to know the facts about it before you begin a treatment plan.

Many people who are newly diagnosed don’t know too much about it, but education is the key to wellness.

Fact One: Fibromyalgia is a real disorder. For many years people were told that the pain they felt was all in their head.

The truth is, modern research shows that there are some abnormalities in the way a person with fibromyalgia senses pain.

While most people don’t feel pain unless they have an injury or nerve damage, with fibromyalgia it’s believed that the pain comes from a problem with the brain.

It’s thought that there is a chemical problem that causes the brain to sense pain when there is no reason to feel it.

Fact Two: Fibromyalgia is most likely genetic. While no one knows the exact gene that’s responsible for this disorder, we do know that people who have a relative with it are more likely to develop it themselves.

There’s no way to know for sure if you have the gene unless you begin to have symptoms.

Fact Three: Fibromyalgia is also a product of the environment. While we know that fibromyalgia has to have a genetic component, there are some people who probably have the gene but don’t develop the disorder.

It’s believed that something has to happen to turn on the gene that makes this happen. For many people fibromyalgia develops after an illness or a traumatic physical event.

Perhaps the stress on the brain causes the pain center to malfunction.

Fact Four: Women are much more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. While men do get it, it’s just not that common.

Some researchers think that this suggests hormones have something to do with the disorder.

Women who have fibromyalgia also are more likely to have endometriosis.

This is a disease that causes scar tissue develop around the female reproductive organs and the areas surrounding them. It also supports the idea that fibromyalgia can be triggered by hormone problems.

Fact Five: There is no cure for fibromyalgia. While this can sound discouraging, it doesn’t mean you can’t get relief.

Because there’s no one cause that’s been identified, it makes it hard to find a treatment that can completely eradicate the disorder.

But with a treatment plan and some lifestyle changes, you can definitely see improvement in your symptoms.

Your quality of life can improve greatly when you know the facts about fibromyalgia and you’re proactive with combating it.

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