Fish Oil for Cardiovascular Health | Effects of High Blood Pressure

When you are talking with your doctor, one of the common problems that come up is the effects that elevated blood pressure can have on your body.

Sometimes your doctor will tell you that you have high blood pressure and you need to deal with immediately. Other times you may find that you have elevated blood pressure, which means that it is higher than it should be but not high enough to set all the warning bells ringing.

While the problems of high blood pressure, and elevated blood pressure, are very common in The West the fact that may people have the problem does not reduce the risk of high or elevated blood pressure having very serious consequences for your health.

Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure affects the body in ways that many you may not even imagine. It is related to an extensive list of other diseases, some of which are potentially fatal. Hypertension can also potentially bring about trauma in the heart and arterial walls and most of us are aware the heart attack and stroke are right up high on the list of causes of death.

Aside from people having a heart attack or a stroke, having high blood pressure is an intensely harmful problem in and of itself. When only hypertension comes into play, without symptoms of other related health problems, it still puts serious pressure on your body and is called a hypertensive crisis. This occurs when blood pressure levels reach a point far too high for the body to withstand.

If you do not do something to deal with this problem promptly, a hypertensive crisis could very well cause death. However, even in situations not as extreme as that, a hypertensive crisis can lead to irreversible organ damage as such a crisis usually affects specific systems. The main organ systems affected by this problem is the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the renal system.

Having a hypertensive crisis and being at such risk is reason enough to be alarmed by a high blood pressure reading. Allowing blood pressure to remain high has long-term effects on your health that can be an underlying factor in a whole range of other health issues. For example, any kind of pressure of the blood puts stress on the arterial walls.

An elevated blood pressure puts extensive stress on these walls, causing the heart to work harder than in should and other organs to be stressed. Elevated blood pressure also promotes the growth of unhealthy tissue, something known as atheroma. The higher the pressure of the blood, the more stress is put on the heart and the more atheroma that forms. Over time, this will lead to thicker walls of the heart that will weaken faster than they should.

These are not the only effects hypertension has on the body. A persistent rate of hypertension is a leading cause in some very serious conditions, such as strokes, heart attacks, heart failures, arterial aneurysms, chronic renal failure, and a form of diabetes.

It is fairly widely know that for around 40% of people who die from fatal heart attacks, the first indicator that there is any problem at all IS the fatal heart attack itself. If you have already been diagnosed as having high blood pressure, or even just elevated blood pressure, then you are not in that 40% as you have already had a warning!

You should look into medical and alternative health methods to bring your blood pressure down. Weight loss is often an extremely powerful way to reduce the effects of elevated blood pressure. Using fish oils to get Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids into your body is a simple way to support your cardio system and has a dramatic positive result for many people. It is well worth taking the time to investigate your options..

Having a high blood pressure, or even just elevated blood pressure, should not be taken lightly. The risks are high and the effects far-reaching. Hypertension has been found as a side effect of many other illnesses on top of the ones mentioned, so having a high blood pressure should never be taken lightly.

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