Finding the Motivation to Lose Weight

Often times, the hardest part of starting anything, especially a weight loss program, is the motivation to do it. Simply being fed up with your weight is not very motivating. It may get you started, but unless you have a big enough "Why" it's not likely that you'll stick with it very long. Let's discuss some good motivational reasons for starting and sticking to a weight loss plan.

The Best Motivations

To look and feel better. This is a great reason to get started on a weight loss plan. You need to focus on this and keep these thoughts in the forefront of your mind. Not only will weight loss give you more energy and help you fit into smaller (even cuter) clothes, the benefits it has on your skin tone and overall mood are great motivators too.

To improve your health. This is one of the most beneficial reasons to start a weight loss plan. If your health has started to suffer or you just want to prevent the onset of ailments that are caused by being over weight and out of shape.

Sometimes the right, or best reasons aren't enough to actually get off the couch and start doing something about it. Maybe you need a sneaky little reason to get it done. The following reasons have motivated many people.

Some Sneaky Motivations

Make your spouse jealous. This one can also be a good motivator to help your spouse jump on board and want to lose weight too. It may be a little sneaky, but the rewards are worth a little sneakiness, especially if two people reap the benefits of getting into better shape.

Make your ex-partner jealous. If you've gone through a divorce or a bad breakup, wanting to make your ex jealous is another good motivator. Sometimes having that, "I'll show you," attitude is a good thing. It can keep you focused on your goal and really push you to get the extra weight off.

Get more attention from the opposite sex. This is a great motivator for a single person or someone who has just gone through a bad relationship. It can also go along with the jealous motivator above. You can accomplish several things at once; make your ex jealous, attract a new partner and reap all the benefits of feeling better too.

A Few Fun Motivators

Buy cuter clothes. People used to tell you to look your age. Luckily, that old advice has gone out the window. It doesn't matter what age you are these days, swapping clothes with your teenager is a lot of fun. Even if you don't have teens or want to swap clothes with them, we all know that the really stylish clothes often come in smaller sizes. You're tired of being stuck in over-sized tee-shirts and baggy pants. Losing weight so you can buy clothes that are trendy and in style is a great way to keep you focused on your goals.

Maybe you have some clothes tucked into the back of your closet that you'd love to fit into. Pull them out and look at them. Remember how you felt when you were wearing them and focus on being able to wear them again.

Win a bet with a friend or mother-in-law. Whether you like your mother-in-law or not is beside the point with this one. Having someone you can compete with is a great way to boost your efforts, keep you focused and make you work harder to reach your desired weight.

Exercise with Gilad or Jillian Michaels on TV. Maybe you want to be able to jump around and keep up with the fitness stars. This is another good motivator. It can help you prove to yourself that it can be done and you'll be losing weight while you work on your stamina and endurance. You can even set a goal to exercise on the beach of Hawaii right along with Gilad. This will give you an even bigger goal; getting into shape and planning a vacation.

Meaningful Motivators

To avoid embarrassing your kids. We know how mean kids can be. If the kids at school are making fun of your child because of your weight, this is a great motivator to finally kick that weight loss in the butt and get it done. No parents want their kids to suffer through emotional trauma. You want your kids to be proud of you and not embarressed because you're heavier than the other's kids parents.

Many people have lost weight to benefit their children, so they could spend time with them playing in the park and doing fun family stuff. If you're having a hard time finding the motivation for yourself, maybe it's time you considered your children or even your spouse, if you don't have kids. Wanting to get out and have a life is a great reason to get in shape, period. Go for it!

Run in a marathon, for yourself or a good cause. A lot of people have been motivated to get in shape so they can finally say they ran a marathon. Others have prepared for a marathon that supported a good cause they believed in. Whichever reason you want to do this is a good motivator to get you started and keep you going.

We all need a motivator and an extra boost to get us moving and working towards our goals. What do you picture over and over in your mind that makes you want to achieve this goal and stick with it every day? It may be something completely different than the ones mentioned above. However, you will have more success if you have a very good reason why you want to lose the weight. Decide what that is and give it your all.

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