Fat Loss Tips

It should not be so difficult to lose weight, but it is. Not only do you have to exercise and watch what you eat, but you also have to try to figure out which fat loss tips are true, and which ones aren't. If you follow tips that are incorrect then you won't lose weight, and you may even gain weight because of it.

Then there are fad diets which only lead people to regain any weight they lost, if they lost any at all. It can sometimes seem as though everybody is conspiring against your efforts to lose weight. The following information about bogus weight loss tips will help you to get on track and shed some extra pounds for good.

1. Starve yourself. This is one of those tips that sort of makes sense at first glance but the reality is very different. If you can lose weight by reducing calories, then you should be able to lose a lot of weight by eliminating a lot of calories, right? Not really. The problem is that if you reduce your calories too much you reduce your metabolic rate and your body will work harder to store fat, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. Furthermore, you will be so hungry that you run the risk of giving in and binging, which will also lead to weight gain. Lower metabolic rate and then binging is the quickest was to put on stored fat. A much better way is to eat a reasonable amount of food, but not to the point of starvation.

2. Eat three square meals a day. Get your day started with a big breakfast, then wait six hours to eat a light lunch, and then wait six more hours to eat a big dinner; at least that used to be conventional wisdom. You should absolutely eat breakfast, but you shouldn't wait so long to eat lunch and dinner. If you eat five to six smaller meals instead, high protein, low fat, then you won't get too hungry between meals, and you will also boost your metabolism.

3. Diet soda is the ideal weight loss beverage. If you drink diet soda to because it doesn't have any calories, then you may be surprised to learn that recent studies have shown that such beverages may cause people to gain weight. YOu drink the drink and while it does not have calories in the drink your body is expecting the sugar and the studies show that overall you end up eating more when drinking diet soda than people who drink normal sods. In other words, the very beverage you think is helping you to lose weight could actually be causing you to gain it.

4. You don't really have to exercise. While we are talking about bogus fat loss tips, it's only fair to mention that it is technically possible to lose weight without exercising. Does that mean you don't have to engage in any physical activity? Not at all! Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand and your level of activity is a very good indicator of how successful your weight loss will be in both the short and long term.

These fat loss tips are only the start, you still need to find a good weight loss plan to follow. However, you must take action. Even a small step in the right direction will pay off.

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