Fasting For Weight Loss: Safety First

Fasting for weight loss can lead to reaching your goals rapidly, however; doing so often causes more harm than good. If you are not careful, fasting may lead to a host of health complications, thus defeating the purpose of using this particular method of weight loss. Make sure you fast in a calculated and health-conscious way, and you should lose your desired weight quickly.

Prepare Your Body

Fasting for weight loss is not easy on your body and experts recommend that you don't do it at the drop of a hat. Write a date down on your calendar and plan to fast. Make sure you get plenty of nutrients leading up to the fast, and keep yourself hydrated with lots of liquids throughout the process. It can also help to mentally prepare by meditating and developing a clear focus on your goals. Do not take fasting lightly or do it without taking adequate precautions. If you have any doubts about your health, cancel the fast and consult with your physician.

Detox While Fasting

Most people fasting for weight loss can also benefit from a simultaneous detox. If you like cranberry juice, for example, you may be able to cleanse your entire digestive system while dropping a few pounds. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals for detoxing while you are fasting, as the combination can compromise your health. Instead, plan on drinking large amounts of water and juice to keep your body sufficiently hydrated, energized and cleaning itself out.

Watch The Scale

Fasting should never be done for more than a day at a time, unless you've got proper authorization from a health care adviser. Have a total weight loss goal in mind and fast in increments. Keeping an eye on the scale, you can calculate the poundage over the course of all the fasts. Trying to do it all in one shot will not typically produce favorable results, nor is it very good for your organs. Watch the scale and be mindful of how you feel. If dizziness or serious nausea set in, get yourself something small and reasonable to eat.

Understand The Impact

Fasting means your body actually starts to burn calories much slower than normal, because it goes into a sort of state of hibernation. It can also mean muscle loss, which may be counterproductive to your goals. It is therefore essential that you fully understand the fasting for weight loss process and exactly what your body will go through. Do it conservatively and carefully, to avoid any negative side-effects.

Don't Indulge When The Fasting Is Over

Some people feel such an overwhelming sense of relief following a fast that they gorge on all kinds of food. This of course is something you should not do! Resume the consumption of food at a slow and steady pace, without including anything that's high in fat, sodium, sugar or calories. Ease your body back into eating with as much sensibility as you used while fasting. Try plain and simple foods that won't wreak havoc on your digestive system or completely blow your weight loss efforts. Otherwise, all that fasting was for nothing!

Adopt A Healthier Way Of Living

Fasting is not the most ideal solution for weight loss, although it can be quick and effective. The smart thing to do on a permanent basis is improve your entire lifestyle. Make smart food choices, limit stress, sleep well and get plenty of regular moderate exercise. This will lead to permanent weight loss you can really live with. Use fasting for a quick boost every once in a while and to detox if needed.

Fasting can lead to success with weight loss, and most of us need help reaching these goals. Use this method of dramatically reducing caloric intake to drop the pounds that are holding you back, but do it in such a manner that leads to being even healthier when it's over than when you began.

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