Exercises to Build Muscle in the Lower Back

It’s important to build muscle in the lower back for many reasons. First, the lower back supports much of the body - and it’s one of the most common areas for injury. When you strengthen your lower back, you can work to prevent pain and injury.

Your lower back is often a weak area because it gets ignored by traditional fitness programs. However, there are exercises that focus on the lower back area and can help you to be stronger and have fewer aches and pains.

You’ll want to get a few pieces of equipment to get the most from your lower back exercises. An exercise ball is invaluable because it helps you to balance and concentrate your efforts on the lower back. A hyperextension bench can also help you to perform exercises specifically for the lower back.

Using the exercise ball, lie face down over the ball so that your hips are secured on the ball. Use your legs to brace yourself and be careful not to slip off of the ball. Place your hands behind your head. Then bend over the ball to extend the back.

Once you’ve moved down as far as you can over the ball, use your lower back muscles to lift your upper body back to the starting position. This exercise can feel a bit awkward at first, but will get easier with practice. Keep working until you can do two sets of 12 at a time – don’t worry if you can’t do it at first.

You can perform the same exercise using a hyperextension bench. You may find it easier than having to balance on the ball and it will target the same muscles. As you get stronger you can also add weights to your routine so that you increase the intensity.

In addition to building muscle in the lower back, it’s important to support your lower back by building muscle in the core area of your abdominal muscles. Those muscles help to support the spine and prevent injury as well.

If you have a back injury, you should make sure you talk to your doctor about appropriate exercises for your condition before you try a new fitness routine. You can end up doing more harm than good if you take on the wrong type of exercise for your condition.

But for most people, exercises to build muscle in the lower back are actually part of an overall wellness and fitness program that is beneficial.

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