Exercise And Fat Loss

If you have been asking people what is the best way to lose weight, you have probably received the answer: Go exercise!. Although you may think that it is a cliche, it still never loses its magic and effectiveness throughout the years.

On the other hand, just like diets, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding exercise and fat loss. As a guide here are some of the essential things that you should know about how you can lose fat while exercising.

You Can Lose More Fat With High Intensity Exercise

It is common knowledge that you can lose more fat when you undergo high intensity exercise. 20-minute high-intensity training on an interval circuit or the stationary bike burns more fat compared to treadmill jogging for 40 minutes, but there is more to this information then just the amount of fat burned.

It requires hard work to undergo this kind of training and you would have to do it sufficiently for the results to be significant. Sadly, not all people are up for the challenge of undergoing high-intensity interval kinds of exercise regularly.

Hence, you shouldn't believe advertisements that say '15 minutes-a-day for a great body'.

Burning Fat Means Losing Weight

Another popular belief is that losing fat mean losing weight. You do not really need to directly go for fat burning.

First off, you should consider how your body processes energy storage. Fat isn't a permanent fixture of cells it comes and goes according to your body's fuel requirements.

When glucose in your blood is low, which happens during early mornings, fat is your body's main fuel. After you get some food into your system, the amount of glucose in your blood will rise.

This leads to insulin storing fat and glucose in cells. Consequently, your body starts burning blood glucose.

When the glucose level in your blood gets low, fat from fat cells are retrieved to be used as fuel. This is what's called fat burning.

After burning a lot of glucose, your body fat would get its turn to be burnt up since your blood glucose would be low. So, in a way, you really do not have to make fat burning your problem but instead focus on food fuel burning along with energy balance.

You Can Lose More Fat With Low Intensity Cardio Exercises

This assumption is true; however there is more to it that just that. This is actually the same as with high intensity training and losing fat. You need to do enough of it before you can shed fat.

Low intensity exercises that fall into a certain zone in which you can comfortably talk while exercising is actually where fat can burned better and be used as body fuel.

High intensity exercises like weight training or interval training uses more glucose fuel coming from carbohydrates. However, some fat still gets burned during higher intensities.

If you exercise that hard long enough, you might be able to burn more, or just the same amount of fat during higher intensity compared to less or equal work at lower intensities.

This after-burn could contribute to an increase on your metabolism rate after undergoing high intensity workouts. Ultimately, your body doesn't really care what fuel you burn.

You get the same results: what you intake in excess of what you'll be expending is stored as fat, even if there's a significant metabolic difference among carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

Lose More Fat With Weight Training

Just like other beliefs, this is true if you do it regularly and with a high level of duration. It's not recommended for just a few heavy lifts coupled with a couple of minutes break in between, then expect that your body has already used tons of energy and was able to burn a huge amount of fat.

Believe it or not, one hour of vigorous walking can burn 300 calories. One hour of walking around the weights room chatting, drinking and completing 10 moderate intensity exercises will only burn a maximum of 300 calories.


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