Don't Let Childhood Fears Become Adult Phobias

Just about everyone goes through what they deem to be a traumatic experience as a child, whether it’s being stung by a bee or something much more serious. It doesn’t matter that the chances aren’t high that you’re going to get stung again – you’ve been there, done that and the fear was embedded in your mind from early on.

Many adults spend countless hours turning their childhood fears into adult phobias. Your fear as a human (child or adult) is a natural instinct that serves to protect you in life. It can be a good thing, to a certain degree.

But when your apprehension and second thoughts give way to irrational panic about something, it can hinder your ability to lead a normal life. As a child, you don’t guardedly look at a bee and think you’ll just steer clear of the hive – you run screaming to your parents and possibly shed a few tears about the situation.

Most adults turn that type of reaction into a controlled response, being cautious about what concerns them, but not letting it interfere with their daily activities. They can walk by a rosebush with bees pollinating the flowers and not assume the worst will happen.

For some, though, the childhood reaction never subsides. The fear they inherently felt and the fear instilled by their parents and teachers follows them around in an exaggerated state that sometimes gets passed on to future generations.

If you suffer from a fear as an adult, try to think of where it stems from. Did you see a horror movie about a plane crash when you were young and now you have an immense fear of flying?

Was your mom deathly afraid of spiders so now you’ve modeled her and adopted arachnophobia into your own life? As a child, you may not have had an adult put your fears into perspective for you to help you diffuse the terror of the situation.

Sometimes just knowing where it originated can help you begin to see it in a new light. But more often than not, you’ll need to take a different approach. You can pick which method works best for you – hypnosis, anti-anxiety medication, visualization, or mental therapy.

No two cases are identical in nature, but thousands of people have rid their lives of phobias by focusing on a cure rather than ignoring it until it rears its ugly head again and again.

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