Does My Breast Pain Mean I Have Cancer?

Feeling breast pain can be very disconcerting. If you’re health conscious and aware of your body your first thoughts may turn to cancer. And even if you haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about cancer, breast pain can be a frightening symptom.

However, breast pain is not necessarily an indicator that you have cancer. Breast pain can be caused by many things. It’s important to understand many of the common causes of breast pain so that you can take best steps for good health.

More often than not, breast pain is not an cancer symptom. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore the possibility of cancer. But you shouldn’t panic and go down the worst case scenario road.

Most breast pain is related to changes in your hormone levels over the course of the menstrual cycle. Many women report having breast pain just before and during their periods. Then after the menses, the breast pain subsides.

This type of breast pain can actually be intensified by eating certain foods. For example, caffeine is known to increase breast pain caused by hormones. Avoiding caffeine can actually help to make the pain less intense.

Eating a diet high in salt can also increase your breast pain if it’s hormonal. This is because it causes the body to retain water and the breast tissue to swell. This puts more strain on already tender breasts.

Medication such as birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy can also cause an increase in breast pain. In addition, stress can actually cause breast pain to increase – although exactly how isn’t known.

If you have breast pain that’s cyclical in nature, it’s probably just a hormonal problem and not related to cancer. However, it’s always a good idea to follow up with our healthcare provider if you have concerns.

Breast pain in general is not usually associated with breast cancer. Many women who have lumps in their breasts report feeling no pain. However, some women report nipple sensitivity and discomfort as a symptom.

Usually breast pain that isn’t cyclical is the result of some sort of trauma to the area such as a bruise. But if you have chronic pain in one specific area of your breast, it’s a good idea to have your doctor perform an examination.

In most cases breast pain is not an indicator of cancer. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your breast health. If you’re experiencing breast pain, make an appointment with your doctor to determine the best course of action for relief.

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