Do you have any of these Issues of weight loss?

Excess weight and obesity are major areas of concern in modern society. Carrying extra weight, low energy, gaining inches in the wrong places. These are all inter-related. To deal with them we first need to understand them.

If you have a problem then you can start reading with an assurance that you are not alone. Currently there are more people in the world who are overweight than there are people who are underweight. The number of people who are medically obese is growing at a rate never seen before.

What’s more, the time of our lives when this is happening is getting younger and younger. The rate of children being overweight, and even obese, is so high that there are alarm bells ringing through the medical world and through the halls of the governments who will be paying for medical support later on.

This state of affairs is a medical disaster.

Why then, we ask, is it happening?

Why are so very many people having trouble controlling their weight?

There are lots of factors;

• Depleted soils that we grow our food in.
• Food handling practices that lead to foods being picked before it is naturally ripened.
• Food handling practices that see food frozen or put into cold store for extended periods.
• Food choices that give us food lacking fiber; white bread and rice, peel potatoes, meat without side vegetables.
• Highly processed food that has had the nutrition cooked out of it and that is then transported from the processing site to the point of sale, leading to more storage time and depletion of any nutritional value still within the food.
• Low nutrition food leading to slow metabolisms and our bodies trying to keep hold fat and to store more in an attempt to protect us.
• Damaged digestion where we compromise our villi, in our small intestine, and then have difficulty absorbing the nutrition from the food we eat.
• Lack of regular exercise.
• Drinking to little water, so that our bodies of often dehydrated, in many cases chronically dehydrated.
• Getting enough nutrition in a format that your body can use it.

Can you turn the problem of weight loss around and gain control of it in a way that is sensible and still allows you to still live a normal life and eat the foods you love? Yes you can!
What you need to do is to set aside the ideas that float around the office and are promoted in glossy magazines and to do some serious research yourself into the things that are critical to staying healthy and fit in our modern society

There are articles on all these subjects available on the article directories. Take some time and read a little until you really understand what the issues are. Often a range of small changes in the way you life can have a huge impact on the way you look and the way you feel.

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