Do Foods Cause Acne?

When it comes to the argument of whether or not food causes acne, you’ll find people evenly divided over the question. Some people argue firmly that certain foods do indeed cause the skin to erupt with an acne outbreak. These people would tell you that the reason that teenagers have acne is because they eat a lot of junk food, especially greasy junk food like potato chips –or chocolate.

But in the other camp, there are people who vigorously argue that there are foods that actually help prevent acne from happening. They would argue that acne is caused by oil production problems, hair follicle blockages and bacteria.

Somewhere in the middle of this argument stands the truth behind the link between certain foods and acne. According to dermatologists, the truth is that junk food alone does not cause acne to happen.

However, there has been a link between some acne outbreaks and diet in an association with hormonal changes. The truth is also that there are indeed some foods that are so good at fighting acne, they can help prevent it from occurring.

Studies have shown that in certain areas of the world, some population groups never experience problems with acne. When studied, it was discovered that these population groups did not eat the high carbohydrate foods most people consume.

Not only that, but there was a limited intake of dairy foods. So the truth is that the foods you eat can work in conjunction with your hormonal makeup and trigger an acne outbreak.

Dairy products have been associated with causing acne. Potato chips are on the suspect list - but so are nuts - and you might be under the assumption that nuts are good for you. You’d be right! Nuts offer a lot of healthy benefits on one hand, but on the other, they are linked to acne outbreaks.

Chocolate, unfortunately, has a well-deserved reputation for being a common denominator in acne problems. Potatoes also show up on the watch list when it comes to acne. So do pizza, French fries and soda.

You might be surprised to learn that one of the main links between foods and acne is actually milk. You might also be surprised to learn that the link that exists between acne and foods is due to the insulin surge produced by consuming foods that are high on the index scale.

There are many foods that can prevent acne and some of those foods are: watermelon, green tea, foods with omega 3, oranges, spinach, foods with antioxidant properties, spinach and carrots. So the bottom line is that both sides of the argument are correct. There are foods - when linked with hormonal changes - that can cause acne and there are foods that can prevent it.

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