Different Causes of High Blood Pressure

As opposed to the much popular belief, there are multiple factors which can contribute to high blood pressure. One common factor is stress. It is clinically proven that high blood pressure that comes from stress is just temporary. This means that your blood pressure will fall when your stress is off.

Today, a great majority of high blood pressure problems are attributed to a few typical underlying factors. As the veins and arteries end up losing their normal elasticity (ability to expand in line with the pulse of your beating heart) they will cause much more resistance to the blood flow, when blood is pumped from the heart.

There are some common factors which contribute a lot to the loss of elasticity. Stiffening of the arteries is sometimes caused by gradual buildup of plaque onto the walls of the artery.

Many scientists have blamed high cholesterol levels, as this substance blocks the arteries. The stiffening of the arteries is mainly due to aging. Then again, it can also happen if there’s a lack of essential nutrients in your diet.

Believe it or not, high blood pressure can occur in young women too and be utterly dangerous. So what would be some of the causes for this condition in females? The hazard could be Essential HBP type, if there isn’t any identifiable cause.

It could also be Secondary HBP type, where high blood pressure comes as a result of precise underlying causes (e.g. kidney complications).

Take the Essential HBP type, for instance. Although there isn’t any identifiable cause, chances are high that there are some risk factors causing it. The most common factors are age, family history, and absence of exercise, too much salt in the diet or a diet too rich in fats.

Any of these factors could trigger your pressure to rise. When it comes to Secondary HBP, the pressure has hiked because of an underlying cause like kidney infection or narrowed arteries or medicines like contraceptive pills. Illegal drugs can be harmful too.

A great majority of people with hypertension won't feel any symptoms at all. This is why you must a blood pressure check at the doctor's regularly. Everyone's pressure goes up or down for one reason or another during the day or night.

You might get anxiety when you’re stressed out and this could hike the blood pressure levels significantly. It is also important to cut down on salty foods and on salt. For instance, bacon, pickles or processed cheeses usually come with too much salt.

Hypertension can severely add to your heart’s workload. The same can be said about the arteries. In other words, the heart has to work and pump harder. As your arteries are vested with the job of carrying blood under great pressure, your health is in deep trouble.

When the heart and the arteries keep working under such high pressure for a long time, the heart and arteries might stop working effectively. This will affect the other organs in the body.

Patients may end up with obesity, smoking, alcoholism, poor diet and drug addiction that can further increase the risk of stroke.

Rare kinds of diseases like coarctation of the aorta (an illness of large artery that carries blood off the heart in an unhealthy way) can cause high blood pressure. The aorta happens to be tightly constricted a couple of inches away from the heart.

It’ll then expand right into its normal diameter. And there is no doubt that blood pressure rises as the blood goes through the constriction to subsequently fall below afterwards, just in the way water does as you compress your garden’s hosepipe.

Then again, when such constriction is fixed surgically and when the usual continuity of your aorta gets restored, the level of blood pressure will generally take a couple of years to return to normal levels. The primary case of extremely high blood pressure happens to be the constriction.

On the other hand, the long-lasting cause is perhaps the intricate changes pertaining to the circulating hormones that are responsible for maintaining the blood flow throughout the kidneys.

Now you know all about the causes of high blood pressure and how you can avoid some of them.

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